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How to Repaint Your Trim Like a Pro

Posted by Jennifer Lea on

Your trim in your home adds a beautiful finishing touch where the floor meets the wall, but Lord, it takes a beating! Kids kick it, the dog runs into it chasing a ball, the vacuum cleaning and the mops are regularly up against it and there isn't a darn thing you can do to prevent any of the wear and tear, but you can fix it!

Supply List:

  • Good quality paint in satin or glossy finish (personal preference and close to what you already have or you will have to repaint it all - we're going for touching up the hardest worn sections here!) Hopefully, you have a little left from the original house painting. If not, remove a small section of trim and take it to the Benjamin Moore counter at Ace Hardware (or your choice of store) and they will help you get the color and finish match correct. Stir it well before you start. 
  • Trim Brush. I prefer the Wooster or Purdy short handled brush for better control. 
  • Low tack painters tape. I prefer IPG, but any will do, just make sure it's not so sticky it will take your wall paint off when you remove it. If you are afraid of that, use it like a lint roller on your cotton t-shirt to make it less tacky.
  • Optional: Clear Sealer. If you have a distinct wall color like navy, dark green, red, etc., your edge has to be perfect! Apply your tape, then run a quick line of clear sealer so whatever runs under the tape is clear and not your trim paint. 

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