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Launching a New DIY Home Improvement Community to Help and Support Women

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My 2023 Business Goals and Objectives

I believe in dreaming big. I believe my life purpose is to advocate for and empower women in the trade industry. I have talked about goals, vision statements, and happiness on my Facebook lives in the past several months.
I want to share with you my business goals and objectives for 2023 so you know where I am headed and be a part of my journey.

  1. Launch Entry Envy. Build a successful exterior home decor subscription company that supports hiring women in the trades. Check.
  2. Start a community to empower women with power tools. Hammers & Flip Flops is launching on February 20.
  3. Launch a podcast to address socioeconomic issues related to the trades and, specifically, the lack of female representation. Less than 5%, to be exact. Q3 2023.

As I have built Entry Envy over the last 15 months, you all have been a part of my story, and your support, feedback, and following mean a lot to me. I am grateful for each of you and look forward to everything ahead in 2023.


Well, my friends, some of you know the origin story, and some don’t, so let me give you a quick recap. In January 2020, I left my husband with my two girls and moved into my parent’s basement. In case you forgot, COVID hit two months later. Divorces are messy, and buying a home is challenging in “good times,” let alone during a divorce at the height of the real estate market during COVID in 2020. Let’s say this experience was less than a “good time.” 

Bottom line, I chose my new home for the school district, and as for the rest of it, there was a lot left to be desired. Fortunately, I am a carpenter’s daughter and quite familiar with tools. My late grandfather was an excellent painter, as is my mother, so between the two of them and with the skills that I had been armed with, I wasn’t afraid to tackle this massive project. The bottom line was that I had made the hardest decision of my life that year; I moved into a home worth a fraction of the value of the one I had left for a happier life. I didn’t get to be choosy. I was lucky to have parents that could help me purchase a home through a divorce and blessed me with the skills to start fixing it. 

I wanted my daughters to live in a nice home. I wanted to live in a nice home. I needed to make the most of this decision with my limited resources. One of my favorite quotes is, “You never know how strong you are until you have to be.” I repeat this often. Sometimes daily. I know God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle. Sometimes I question his judgment, but nevertheless, I persevere and come out stronger on the other side. Every. Single. Time. 

From Home Remodel to a Passion for Women in the Trades

The very first day I moved in, I started vlogging (blog and video) about my home remodel. I don’t know why. I just did. Then I started recording “how to” videos because all of them I found online were done by men, and I wanted to show women they could do these projects too. Some projects included stickers on curtain rods to prevent the curtains from getting stuck while pulling them closed; others were much more complex, like tiling a backsplash. The vlogging effort I made was incredibly time-consuming but also therapeutic. 

During my remodel of August 2020 through March 2021, I developed a strong passion for getting more women into the trades as a profession. At this point, hundreds of thousands of women were out of work due to COVID employment issues, and hundreds of thousands of homeowners remodeled their houses. Still, they couldn’t find enough labor to get their projects done. What was wrong with this picture? A lot. How did I begin to fix the gap of women in the trades? I didn’t know at the time that this would become my life purpose.

A month later, in April of 2021, I was almost done with my home remodel, and the inside now looked brand new, but I was still driving up to a 50-year-old house on the outside. I was out of time, money, and energy. How would I fix this and feel better about coming home with the resources I had left? I decided to paint the garage door and front door, replace the old porch light fixture and update the old house numbers over the garage. I started looking for “modern house number signs” on Google, and as it turned out, house number signs are pretty boring! Lol. I stumbled upon one that had a darling planter box on it for flowers. Still, all I could think of was that I lived in Nebraska. Nothing would grow in it for more than a couple of months at a time, and I definitely didn’t have time to water something that frequently because it was in a small container. 

Entry Envy Origin Story

I went out to my garage with extra scrap wood and made the sign with the planter box on it anyway. Then I went to Michael’s and bought all the supplies to make it darling for the upcoming holiday, which was Easter. $37, and two hours later of shopping, driving, and design time, I had the cutest sign ever! And then it occurred to me…. Easter was over in two weeks, and I would have to do this whole process again. Surely, there was a faux floral subscription service that could ship this to me? No. No, there was not. At that moment, I realized I had a tremendous business idea on my hands. I knew I was not the only woman who would value a personalized entry sign with a faux floral decor subscription service to accompany it. 

There was just one problem. I was managing a law firm full time, still remodeling my house, a single mom, and had yet to determine where I would fit in starting a brand new business in my schedule. But, I saw it as a stepping stone to being able to pursue my newly found life purpose to effectuate more women in the trades, so I decided to forgo a few more hours of sleep at night and build it anyway. A year later, I quit my day job. I absolutely love the brave decisions I have made in my life. None of them have been simple or easy.

Okay, that’s the cliff notes version of where I have been since January 2020.

This journey led to the creation of an empowering community for women DIYers.

So, what is Hammers & Flip Flops? It’s me teaching you! Over the past two and a half years since my house remodeling project, I have had so many women ask me, “how did I learn how to do all of that?” You’ve asked for advice. You’ve asked for classes. I’ve said no. Today, I am saying YES! Hammers and Flip Flops will launch on February 20. 

Hammers and Flip Flops: Online Women Only Group for All things Home Renovations and Empowering women WIth Power tools

Do you wish you could fix something in your home but don’t want to hire it out or are tired of waiting for it to get done on someone else’s to-do list? Do you know you could probably figure out how to do it but get overwhelmed online when you start to research “how to” or get intimidated because every video you watch is of a man doing it? Perhaps you’re intimidated to walk into the hardware store to find the necessary supplies. Trust me; I get it. 

Private, Safe, Space for Women  

Hammers and Flip Flops is a new private, women-only Facebook group where I will go live each week to teach you things you didn’t know or needed to know and answer your questions. This is a 100% “safe” space for women only where I promise you, no question is a dumb question! 

We will have an archived, organized library to reference what you need when you need it. We will also have “supply lists” with my recommendations on tools and how to use them. For example, I think every woman should own a drill, but how do you know which one to buy, and then how in the heck do you use it? I’ll have a video for that! Once a month, I will also feature a live Q&A with my dad, Dick. Now, if you don’t know Dick, you will fall in love with him. He was a carpenter forever, a union instructor, a licensed home inspector, and now a retired grandpa who loves golf, hunting, and helping others. All of the questions you ask me and I don’t know the answer to, I’ll punt to the “Let’s as Dick” category and catch him live when he’s on next. 

Empowering Women through all things Home Improvement and Power Tools

My goal for Hammers & Flip Flops is ultimately to empower women with power tools. I want you to feel confident to fix your mini to medium-size projects in your house AND confident when you decide to hire out that you understand what to ask for and not get taken to the cleaners. 

Your house 100% affects how you feel about where you live. I want you to LOVE your home. You can maximize what you have without spending a ton. You can maximize the dollars you are willing to spend if you know how to spend them wisely. 

Join the launch waitlist by clicking here to learn more about Hammers & Flip Flops and decide this group is your answer to finally getting your home project to-do list DONE! 

Founder and CEO Jennifer Lea

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