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Entry Envy's Tips for a Radiant Front Entry this Summer

Entry Envy's Tips for a Radiant Front Entry this Summer

Entry Envy's Tips for a Radiant Front Entry this Summer

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, and as I am writing this, I can tell you I am ready for summer! There is a rule here that many women follow... don’t plant your flowers before Mother’s Day for the risk of one last frost. Considering it's supposed to be 43 tonight; we’re not too far off!

I am in the midst of an entire exterior renovation project, so we’re talking about the front entry and so much more! I moved into my house four years ago and remodeled the entire inside, and as I was nearing completion, I started a little company called Entry Envy and ran out of time for everything else in my life, including the yard! 😂

I’m still crazy busy, but I can’t handle one more day of neglect. Here’s the thing, when I look at the outside of my house, porch, and backyard that doesn’t look the way I want it to, I see work, and that leads to increasing my stress level with more stuff “to do.” For example, if I want to go outside and read a book and see dirty windows, I can’t enjoy my book until I wash my windows. A bit of OCD here? Maybe. So, for FOUR years I have come home to a house that I have hated the paint color of and looked at the backyard dreaming of my own private oasis someday. I haven’t had the extra money or time to undertake this significant project. But here’s the deal, some of my emotions are above the surface and I can recognize, but there are so many deeper issues that I didn’t even realize (with some therapy) that really helped me understand how important it was to my subconscious that I finally address the exterior of my house. We’ll talk about that on a different day, but let’s just say it heavily relates to my divorce in 2020 and leaving a yard I loved and a home with a significantly higher price point. But, I’m certain I don’t need to tell doesn’t buy happiness.

So, back to my project… I am having my house repainted navy with white trim (yes, I hired this part out!) and have some accents of dark brown stained wood on the front porch and in the backyard. Not a ton, but enough that it definitely has a nautical feel, which is 100% for sure my happy place in life. Put me on the water in full sun (and SPF 30), with a cocktail in my hand and life is GOOD!

I am redefining very old berms with new edging, no weeds, new plants, fresh mulch, and cool solar lighting. I invested in a super comfy patio set (I used the word investment intentionally… holy moly outdoor furniture is not cheap!) and can't wait to get it! I am updating the stairs and “paving” two areas to be more conducive for bare feet. I can already see the results taking shape, and it’s keeping me motivated to finish the darn thing!

So, what makes a fabulous entry? Curb appeal starts at the street, seriously.

  • Is your yard mowed at least once a week? Are your curbs and sidewalks nicely edged? -Is your mailbox in good shape and standing up straight?
  • Do you have a well-lit space that is nice and inviting? Stick to LEDs with less than 3000k lumens for a nice, warm look that doesn’t look outdated.
  • When guests arrive at your home, day or night, what is the first thing they see? Can they clearly identify your home with visible house numbers or a touch of personalization such as an Entry Envy sign with your last name or monogram? Subtle suggestion here worth considering if you don’t already have one! Truly, there is nothing worse than going to someone’s house for the first time for a kid’s birthday party, baby, or bridal shower, delivery, or checking into an Airbnb, and wondering (hoping) you are at the right house. Entry Envy signs identify homes and provide a great solution with our monthly and quarterly holiday and seasonal refill decor kits to create an immediately welcome entry that assures guests they are at the right now and it’s well cared for.
  • Is the front porch clean? The top cleaning companies in the country know that if the glass on the front door is clean, their customer knows they came that day and everything else on the other side of the door must be clean. In other words, it sets expectations. If the glass is dirty, you enter the house looking for what else isn’t clean. Subtle, but significant. Clean your front porch once a week as if it were any other area of your home. It will take you just a few minutes and always look great!
  • The doormat should be no less than a few months old, reflective of the proper season, and generously sized to at least a 3x4. This is one of the easiest hacks to make your front porch look larger than what it is and impress your guests. -Depending on the season, landscaping should be in good shape with its annual dose of mulch and well-defined edges.
  • Do you have flower pots or planters? Dead or alive, is the real question. If you live in a harsh climate, lack a green thumb or time, consider silk flowers. They look great and require no maintenance, other than being replaced depending on how they are tolerating the sun. I’m such a fan of faux floral. But, you already know that!
  • A few other secrets up my sleeve for an inviting entry: put an Alexa Echo or Dot on your porch for music (think high-end retail shopping centers) and a plug-in diffuser if you have an outlet to accommodate it. Your guests will be so excited to walk through your front door! A pair of chairs and a table or a bench with a seasonal pillow is always a lovely touch. -Lastly, make sure it all coordinates. The planters, rug, wreath, garden flag, etc., should all be similar in color and seasonal theme. If you’re not sure where to start, use your Entry Envy refill decor kit as the base for accessorizing colors to pull in for pillows, rug, and so forth.

Summer is a special season with a shelf life, so enjoy every minute, have as many people over to your home as time permits and enjoy your space. If you have any questions or want to “see” what an Entry Envy sign would look like on your front porch (or by the pool!), please submit here for a no-obligation, FREE Virtual Consultation. We will make a recommendation based on the photo you send us and we will show you what the addition of a sign could look like to help you select the color and style.

Thank you for reading all of my ramblings and stay tuned for more on my exterior renovation project! It’s going to be phenomenal!

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