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How to Update Your Fall Planters with Beautiful Artificial Flowers & Decor

How to Update Your Fall Planters with Beautiful Artificial Flowers & Decor

How to Update Your Fall Planters with Beautiful Artificial Flowers & Decor

I love beautiful, easy, no-maintenance planters to greet guests and add curb appeal. I use faux flowers in my planters year round but often combine real and fake flowers for the best curb appeal. However, I gave up on watering mums and keeping them in full bloom through the fall season long ago! I'm not sure whether I'm just sick of watering from summer or forgetful, but I prefer some good artificial fall flowers that I don't have to think about and know will look great.

For a quick, fall, no-maintenance planter like one of those pictured with me, here's my suggestion:

  1. Get your supplies ready:
    • Take a trip to the craft store (make sure the faux floral is on sale before you go!). Choose stems that you like and are in the same color scheme. I like to choose a larger stem for the center, 2 to 3 grasses for height, and then a few stems that you can cut down to accent the base. Make sure you don't choose any that are made of paper or they'll get ruined when they get wet.
    • Quick tip to save money and enhance the look: if you have any ornamental grass with big plumes in your yard, take your clippers and trim a small part approximately 1" diameter at the base (basically what you can hold in your hand) and then duct tape the bottom 4" together. Do this to get a few "sets" and forgo the artificial grass.
    • Stop by the pumpkin patch and get a small to medium-sized pumpkin and perhaps a few gourds. Or, grab a "life-like" pumpkin at the craft store. I prefer real because there is no risk of them blowing away!
    • I recommend burlap or brown Spanish moss to cover up the dirt in your pot. It just gives the look a more finished appearance. Burlap is generally available at a fabric store or in the landscaping department at the hardware store or greenhouse.
  2. Assembly:
    • Clean out your summer flowers and loosen up the dirt a bit. Sorry, plants, it's time to go bye-bye. 
    • Please start with the largest stem you purchased and poke it in the middle of the pot. 
    • Add the grass bundles (real or fake) closely tucked behind the center stem. 
    • Cover the base with moss or burlap.
    • Add faux or real pumpkin in the "front" of your arrangement on top of the burlap or moss. 
    • Use wire cutters if needed to trim your smaller accent stems to approximately 10"-12" long and poke through burlap around larger stems to fill in and "cozy up" with the pumpkin/gourds.
  3. Enjoy! This will last you through Thanksgiving when it's time to swap it out for holiday decor. 

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