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Women in the Trades

Jennifer Lea developed Entry Envy as a platform to help encourage women to consider the trades as a profession.

She was empowered to build a company that she is passionate about because she learned how to use a saw and a nail gun. She remodeled her entire house with the help of her retired-carpenter father and learned a whole lot along the journey. 

Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation

There will be an estimated three million jobs open in the trades by 2025. Entry Envy supports the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation and Generation T, both of which are creating a national movement to help rebuild the skilled trades.

Jennifer Lea actively seeks ways to educate, empower and encourage our younger generations to think "outside of the box" and build a meaningful, successful career through the less traditional four-year college path. If you'd like Jennifer to help support your organization or speak to students, please contact her at or (531) 309-0018.