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Thoughtful and Unique ❤️ Gifts

Thoughtful and Unique ❤️ Gifts

Thoughtful and Unique ❤️ Gifts

I am a relationship-driven person and love opportunities to connect with people. While Valentine’s Day is a classic Hallmark holiday, it’s a great reason to let your family, friends, and even your professional network know that you care. Women have shown so much love for the holiday that we now have “Galentine’s Day,” recognized by the Urban Dictionary on February 13. I also love giving gifts that are thoughtful and personal. I hate cheesy gifts that are never going to be used, so I tend to go for either one high-end item or a collection of “consumables.” I particularly like gift baskets. Here are some fun ideas for the special people in your life.

For Her (the wives/moms):

I really think Valentine’s Day is for women. The entire month of December (and most of November) she is doing a lot of things for everyone else, and the middle of February is a wonderfully timed holiday during the dead of winter to show her a little extra love. But what does she really want or need? My recommendation is the gift of pampering. Give her a few gift cards and put them in a cute gift box or bag with a card and a heartfelt message. If you have little ones, make sure she knows you’ll take care of them while she goes and enjoys a massage or facial. Just an FYI, in my opinion, facials are much better than massages, especially if she’s never had one. It's like a massage for your face with beauty benefits and generally includes a massage of the arms, shoulders and hands as well. Another go-to, if you’re pinched on time and can’t go wrong, is a gift card to Sephora. It's super easy to drop several hundred dollars in a tiny bag in that store. Another fun idea, especially if a spring vacation is coming up, is a gift card to The Sunglasses Hut or equivalent. A great pair of sunglasses is awesome and often overlooked (no pun intended!) until needed. This will remind her to go pick out a new pair!

For the Grandmas:

Don’t forget the grandmas who do so much! Again, it’s totally the thought that counts here. Have the grandkids make cookies, take her pastries with a fancy coffee she might not buy, or mail a card with printed pictures of your family and children. Another sweet idea is to send her a Little Envy box or Entry Envy Interior Sign with a Valentine’s Day decoration that she can enjoy all month without watering it! And not to be overlooked, Easter is at the end of March, and you’re going to need something for her then, too. If you do an Entry Envy box or sign now, you can gift her an Easter Refill Decor kit in March ($35) to update the decoration and not have to figure out another gift! We ship for free all over the country. 😊

For Him:

As mentioned above, I’m a big fan of consumables, and I don’t mean just chocolate! As a former waitress for many years, I actually hate dining out on Valentine’s Day. It’s usually an overpriced, fixed menu, and restaurants are filled with people who never eat out any other time of year and expect over-the-top service and tip the minimum. Maybe times have changed; it’s been more than a hot minute since I’ve worked the floor, but regardless, this is a night I really prefer to skip the lines and stay home. A date night gift basket is creative, will ensure great food and service, and no reservations are required. Here are a few ideas to include: Italian bread, gourmet pasta sauce, pasta, a great bottle of wine, favorite cheese (Manchego is mine), Prosciutto, Lavosh heart crackers, raspberries, and of course, chocolate (for dinner or the bedroom, your choice!).

For the Littles:

My mom always made me feel special for every holiday. It's always the thought that counts. I wouldn’t even remember it was Valentine’s Day, but she’d have red and white heart sprinkles for my pancakes, a cute heart plate, a bag of candy or a special cookie with a note for my lunch. I also remember cute heart earrings or even a new red or pink shirt to wear to school that day. Sometimes she also gave me a Valentine's Day card, and my dad always did, without fail. I don’t think we have very many dads who read my blogs, but mamas, never let them forget they are the first men who love your daughters and to not take that responsibility lightly. ❤️


For the fabulous gals in your life, a funny tea towel, cute coaster, a great journal, an inspirational book (Kendra Scott’s new one is great or Rachael Hollis' “Girl, Wash Your Face” is a classic for me), or just a bottle of champagne with a cute package of cocktail napkins is perfect. Your girlfriends already adore you and will love you even more for thinking of them. Your gift might be the only thing they receive for Valentine's Day and will mean the world. One last idea, a Galentine’s Day night party can be a fabulous excuse to go out with just the girls or host in your home.

For Work - Sweet Treat Bar with To-Go Bags:

Let’s not forget our amazing teams. I was in charge of staff appreciation events for more than 20 years in my corporate world and always did something fun for Valentine’s Day for the team. It takes very little effort to turn ordinary into extraordinary. For example, surprise everyone with a pastry buffet in the morning and include mini cinnamon chip bagels and hazelnut cream cheese, powdered sugar donut holes (so they are white), and cinnamon rolls with frosting, and then add festive heart sprinkles. Don't forget the cute Valentine’s Day napkins and plates. Another idea is to contact a local bakery and get sugar cookie cutouts with the frosting on the side. Put a bunch of sprinkles out and let everyone be children again decorating their own cookies. Trust me, they love it. Speaking of children, also have to-go bags so they can make cookies for their kids to take home. Add a few baskets of candy to the “sweets buffet,” and watch it disappear during the day! 

I hope these ideas have inspired you to show your love to all of the important people in your life. Don’t miss my FB Live with more details and examples of presentation to help you make all of these gifts extra cute. 😊

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