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I love helping women love where they live! Sunday Morning Projects are exactly that - all the things we want to get done and don't make the time for or do know how to get started! Join me for a little home decor, home improvement help, confidence building, and projects galore!  

If you have a question or project you'd like Jennifer to answer, please submit it HERE.

Bar Stool Recovering Supplies

How to hang a curtain rod with a door that opens "in"

Watch the Facebook Live Replay for instructions

Supplies Needed (click to purchase):

Favorite Drill - Dewalt Cordless

Drywall Anchors

Drill Bits - to make hole for drywall anchors

Screwdriving Bits - to insert screws

Tape Measure


How to Repair Walls

Dents, scratches and small holes are easily fixed with a little spackling compound. Watch the replay for pro how-to tips! Bottom line...less is more unless you want to repaint your entire wall!

Supplies Needed (Click on any item to purchase from Amazon or make a trip to the local hardware store):


Thin putty knife

180 or 220 sand paper/block

Your wall paint to touch up with makeup sponge

Optional: Magic eraser sheet & microfiber towel

Hanging pictures

Where should pictures go? How high do you hang them? What tools do you need? I discuss all of this!

Supplies (Click on any item to purchase or make a trip to the hardware store):


Tape Measure


Mini Level or your phone has a built in level under the "Measure" iOS app

Nails or picture hangers. HERE is a good basic set of hangers.

And where is this incredible picture from? There are somethings that are priceless, and some that might be for sale. Check our Edney Epics website HERE or follow Jen on Instagram.

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