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Simple Tips to Convert Your Porch from Summer to Fall

Simple Tips to Convert Your Porch from Summer to Fall

Simple Tips to Convert Your Porch from Summer to Fall

Fall has officially arrived and if your front porch still looks like it’s ready for a pina colada, here are a few things you can do to update your fall outdoor decor and get it ready for an Iced Brown Sugar with Espresso Cold Brew from @halfbakedharvest instead!

Pull out the pink flowers.

It hurts my heart to kill annuals before they’ve decided they are done for the season so I leave everything in my pots that are still alive, except pink flowers! I can work with orange, purple, yellow and even white…but the pink has to come out of the planters for fall. If removing your plants makes your planter feel bare, add some bunched burlap to cover up the dirt. It will be a beautiful backdrop for the tips below! 

Add fake mums to your planters.

Listen, I know half of you just went, noooooo, but, hear me out. I want my curb appeal high with zero effort. I don’t want to wait for the mums to bloom. I don’t want to watch them die. Crazy busy mom over here who doesn’t have time to give the mums the water they need and deserve, so I just choose to bypass the stress of having to water them and then the guilt for when I have killed them. Just go straight to the silk version. You’ll get at least two seasons from them and can buy them at your local craft store most of the season for 50%. 

Add pumpkins and gourds to your porch and planters!

So easy, but it's an instant announcement it’s fall. I like to choose unique and odd shapes. I love long stems on the pumpkins and if they still have part of the vine on them, even better. When you think about decorating, always think in dimensions, colors and layers. It is so much more interesting for the eye to look at than anything simple and straightforward, but this doesn’t mean it has to be hard! It often just means “clustering” things or in some cases, piling on top of each other. Your front porch is a little like its own party…it’s way better to have 50 people in a crowded apartment than 50 people in an open ballroom. Or a dinner entre on a diet…put it on a small plate to make it feel bigger. You want your planters to “feel full.” 

Switch out your garden flag to a fall style.

Here are a couple of favorites. Also, with shorter days, invest in a solar spotlight to shine on your flag. It makes such a difference to welcome guests! 
Update your doormat and try to find a bigger size such as 3'x5'. New rugs make your front porch look brand new!

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    Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

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