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We'd love to discuss how Entry Envy can meet your goals an objectives for your company and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. 

- Commercial volume pricing

- Discount programs for closing gifts

- Discounts for customer appreciation gifts

- Senior Living signage

- Corporate giving programs

- Commission based affiliate program

Please email Jennifer Lea, Founder & CEO at or CLICK HERE to schedule a call.

who are our affiliates?

Real Estate agents & brokers

Entry Envy signs and gift cards make throughout closing gifts that last for years and years as a reminder of your good work. As a professional in the industry, we offer a 15% discount on signs and gift cards OR 10% commission through our affiliate program. Choose what works best for you. Click HERE to email us if you have a questions, or click HERE to apply for our affiliate program.

Senior Living Placement Agencies

Entry Envy signs are beautiful, welcome gifts and are a reminder of how much they are loved each month when their new artificial refill decor kit arrives. When you refer a client to Entry Envy, the client feels good about their thoughtful, personalized sign for their loved one. We provide you with a unique discount code for the families to save which tracks your commission. Please click HERE to apply for our program.

Affiliates, Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

We love working with affiliates, influencers, and brand ambassadors who know and meet customers who geuninely would appreciate Entry Envy in their life. Please click HERE to register and we will be in touch with you soon! Questions? Please email us.