Installation Guide


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Installing and updating your sign is simple and we include everything to hang your sign, except the drill! Our recommendation can found here if you don't own one. When you are considering the location, please be sure to not hang it too high or you won't be able to enjoy the decor and it will make it more difficult to change out. We also recommend to try to put the sign in a slightly sheltered space. These signs have been sealed with two coats of exterior varnish, but nonetheless, they are wood and the weather will take a toll in time.

Please click the appropriate video below for for your sign.

  • Vertical Sign Install Video
    • Please note that if your sign is in a windy location, you may need to add a screw towards the base of your sign, behind the box. Simply screw through the sign at a bit of an angle at the top of the foam block. Your decorations will cover it and you'll never know it's there, but it will keep the sign from blowing away on a windy day or banging against the house. 
  • Horizontal Sign Install Video
  • How to install on hardy plank, brick, or stone (video)
    • If you are installing on hardy plank, brick or stone you will also need a “masonry drill bit” such as this one OR
    • You may want to consider these “brick clips” that you can simply tap on to a brick instead of drilling. We only recommend these for horizontal signs.
  • Interior Sign Installation

interior picture frame style back of sign


  • Your monthly Envy Decor Refill Kit ships to your door with frustration-free packaging so you don't even have to go find scissors to open the box! Simply swap out the decor and you're done! Children even look forward to helping!
  • Not sure about the subscription? Start with the sign and add on a subscription at any time!Refill Kit Sample
  • Change, cancel or pause your subscription at any time. You can manage your account online or simply email us your request at We request two weeks notice to ensure we have enough products to make your box beautiful!
  • We send an annual care kit, but if your foam block has too many holes on top of it before one year, simply flip it over!  



We want your sign to look great for years to come. Sign starting to look shabby? Not an Entry Envy front porch! Please contact us at, and we will be happy to help.