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Yes! We are completely transparent company. When you subscribe you set up your account to manage your subscription where you can cancel or skip anytime. If you currently have a subscription, simply log into your account HERE to make changes or you can email us at social@entryenvy.com. Trust us, we don't make this hard like so many subscriptions!

All of our kits include high quality artificial décor. We carefully curate each kit based on your chosen decor style preference, sign style, color, and even geographic location. No watering, no mess, no fuss! Your guests will be left wondering if it's alive!

The standard included holidays are Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The other months are recognized with seasonal specific decor. If you need an alternative holiday schedule for a specific religion or would rather have fall instead of Halloween, just please note in the comments during check out or email social@entry-envy.com and we willl be happy to make thoughtful substitutions. For more information about the different styles, CLICK HERE.

Entry Envy Monthly Refill Kits ship on the 23rd of each month to celebrate each holiday and season. For example, on March 23, we ship the April Easter Kit. On April 22, we will ship the May kit. All traditional American holidays are celebrated with the monthly subscription, however, special requests and substitutions are respected.

The Quarterly Refill Decor Kits are seasonal only and ship on February 22 (Spring), May 22 (Summer), August 22 (Fall), and November 22 (Winter).