Brick Clips (with wire installed on back of sign)



Have a brick house? No worries, there are two install methods that you can use to hang your Entry Envy sign. The first is with multi-material screws and a special drill bit for brick to screw into the brick surface. 

The second method is to use these special brick clips to actually "clip" on the brick. When ordering these ($12 per pair), we will automatically modify your sign to accommodate hanging by this design with D-ring brackets and a wire instead of the standard French cleat. Each exterior sign weighs approximately 6 lbs. We recommend the brick clips for horizontal signs. The length of the vertical signs makes them too wobbly if in a windy location. The problem can be solved with installing a screw at the bottom of the sign to hold it secure, which somewhat defeats the purpose of a brick clip, but it's one hole in your brick instead of three. If you decide to go this route or try it without the screw and decide you should put one in, then make a trip to the hardware store or order the carbide drill bit on our site to pre-drill a hole before securing to the brick with a 2 1/2" screw. Here is the link to several install videos that may be helpful depending on your home.

In your sign is in a windy location, screws are recommended because they will hold the sign snug to the house rather than the brick clips. There is also an option to use the brick clips and then put one screw above the decor box as shown in this video. Sometimes this is a trial-and-error process! Please feel free to email us with any questions at or chat online. We are happy to help!

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