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Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy for People

Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy for People

Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy for People

I love Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. But they are two separate holidays. The shipping crisis this year has created a situation where we are overriding Thanksgiving more than ever. It’s already been annoying that the craft stores have Christmas decor up by Halloween (or July). We all hate it, but here’s the sliver lining…you’re going to be done with your Christmas shopping by December 1 and actually enjoy the rest of the month without stress and spend it with family and friends, eating and drinking and shopping is done. It simply has to be. Yes, there will be the last-minute deals you can’t pass up, but those absolutely must be the “extras” this year…or let’s be honest, don’t we just buy those steals for ourselves?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a great article to explain it. But, the cliff notes version is “Black Friday” is happening the entire month of November. All retailers are having significant issues getting inventory, and there may not be enough for Christmas shopping. So, hop to it! We all have people in our live that are hard to buy for because they have "everything," yet, still need something on our shopping list for the holidays. What does your holiday shopping list look like for the fabulous but hard to buy for people in your life that are difficult enough to shop for in a good year, let alone one laden with shipping issues. I have lots of ideas because I have lots of these people in my life and a suggestion...

Gift Entry Envy

Entry Envy signs are totally new to the market in 2021, woman-owned and operated, and made in the USA! No supply issues here! 

Imagine every day when they came home, they will think of you and appreciate their improved curb appeal. Every month when their new Entry Envy subscription decor refill kit arrives, they will be grateful for your kindness and thankful their porch is effortlessly welcoming the next holiday. 

Consider designing an Entry Envy sign for a friend or a family member or giving an Entry Envy gift card.  We will beautifully wrap and ship it to you in either case, so you literally just have to put the box under the tree. 

Best ideas for hard to buy for people:

Subscription box anything!

Literally, there are thousands of subscription boxes today for anything from guinea pigs to fishing and everything in between. Go to and search for their interest such as travel, wine, chocolate, games, Italian food, you name it, you’ll get a search result. Gift one box or a whole year depending on your budget. 

Gift an experience.

Concerts, sports events, girls' night out. If it’s for a mom with children under the age of 10, give them a gift certificate for a facial or manicure and as you gift it to them, make them get their calendar out to book it so you can babysit! My girls are 10 and 12 and I still have gift certificates for massages, facials and pedis because I haven’t had time to use them! 

Shop 1 in 5 Directory

This is one of my favorite resources this year. It’s a compilation of small business owners, including Entry Envy, who have come together in a one stop shop gift guide. Now through November 30, you can use one discount code to shop hundreds of small businesses. These business owners have cool, high quality products that are made in small batches and many of them are custom. 

Your favorites from Sephora

Sometimes great gifts come in small packages right? Well, it doesn’t take much to fill one of their signature black and white bags with something to make us more beautiful and I just love it when my friends share their favorite products with me! 

Stick to consumables

...but add a personal touch. For example, use a glass marker to mark the occasion for a gifted bottle of wine so they remember when they pull it off the shelf who to think of as they enjoy it. Pick out some favorite crackers, cheeses, and meats with a picture of your favorite charcuterie board 

    Remember, at the end of the day, it's still the the thought that counts and a simple holiday card presented with their favorite holiday dessert and lunch or a bottle of wine, might be just fine!

    Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

    P.S. Entry Envy custom home signs welcome guests and help delivery drivers validate they are at the correct house. There are so many styles available! If you haven't ordered yours yet, please SHOP HERE to design your unique sign. Monthly home decor subscription boxes make it easy and convenient to keep your sign in style. You'll never have to think about how to update your front porch for the next season or holiday again!

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