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Housewarming Gifts for Outside the Home

Housewarming Gifts for Outside the Home

Housewarming Gifts for Outside the Home

Picture this: your friends or family just purchased a home, and you're invited for the first time. It's customary to take a gift, but the question is: now what? Many people think about gifts specifically for the inside of the home. Bottles of wine, candles, and hand soaps might be common gifts, but have you considered giving gifts specifically for outside of the house? This can be creative, thoughtful, and much longer-lasting. Let's run through some ideas:

Seasonal Gifts

Start by considering the time of the year and what is appropriate for the season. For example, if it's summer, some cool yard art such as a glass bowl for the flower garden or a bird bath is pretty. You might also consider a flower pot for their front porch or patio. Outdoor table decorations with LED candles are perfect for a nice outdoor night with friends.

Year-round Gifts

For year-round gifts outside the home include an outdoor clock, an outdoor thermometer, or outdoor wall art for the patio.

Electronic Rain Gauge

Depending on the interest level of the lucky homeowner, you might consider an electronic rain gauge. Some are quite sophisticated and can be shared amongst friends. These are particularly great gifts for gardeners and farmers.

Snow Shovel

If it's winter, and they live in a snowy part of the country, a nice snow shovel might be appreciated.

Solar Lights

Solar lights to shine on flower pots or light a pathway perfect for any driveway, walkway, or back patio area. They are low maintenance and add the perfect ambiance to any nighttime yard.

Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are always welcome and oversized is always better. I prefer either a 4x6 or 3x5 for the front entry and back patio door. Don't forget the garage, often a mat for garage doors can be overlooked and can be so helpful in preventing dirt from coming inside the home.

Custom Home Sign

An exterior home sign with their last name, monogram, or house numbers from Entry Envy is a unique gift idea to identify their new home and provide seasonal and holiday decor with a monthly refill subscription kit.


Many people forget about music outside of their homes until they want it. Alexa Echo Dot provides great inexpensive action for continuous music inside and outside the home.

Door Decor

A wreath for their front door for this time of year you are visiting is usually welcomed. Don't forget to include a door hanger or a 3m command hook as well.

Entry Envy

Giving a custom house sign with the address or a last name of the new homeowners with their anniversary year on it is such a personalized gift! Entry Envy makes is easy to order a sign or give a gift card. You can add on a monthly subscription to keep their front porch looking fabulous all year round. 

Purchasing a new home is fun and exciting, and everyone who has done it knows it is also exhausting and overwhelming. The extra touches that you have considered from the outside of their home can be appreciated for years to come not only because of their durability but also your thoughtful consideration.

Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

P.S. Entry Envy custom home signs welcome guests and help delivery drivers validate they are at the correct house. There are so many styles available! If you haven't ordered yours yet, please SHOP HERE to design your unique sign. Monthly home decor subscription boxes make it easy and convenient to keep your sign in style. You'll never have to think about how to update your front porch for the next season or holiday again!

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