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Nursing Home Care Packages to Show You Care

Nursing Home Care Packages to Show You Care

Nursing Home Care Packages to Show You Care

Aging can be a lonely process, but it doesn't have to be. There are so many things that you can do to help remind your loved ones, who are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, how much you care. Send small care packages by mail if you don’t have the time to visit in person. Stay connected through small gift giving and thoughtful reminders in their everyday lives. Think about your grandma, grandpa, mom, or dad opening their mail and finding a gift from you. What would they like? Think about their favorite things. Play to their 5 senses! For example, if they have a sweet tooth, sending their favorite candy or homemade cookies is always appreciated.

Savory Snacks

If they do not have a sweet tooth, and they enjoy more savory snacks, consider sending crackers, cheese, and meat. Alternatively, popcorn is always a great option and can be a combination of sweet and salty.

Activity Books

Consider activity books such as crossword puzzles, word searches, or Sudoku. Perhaps include a new pen and pencil as well.


Do they enjoy fragrance? Consider a nice soap, perfume, or body spray. Do they suffer from dry skin or perhaps live in an area of the country with low humidity?


A nice quality hand lotion, such as Kheils is a great fragrance for men or women, and works wonders on heels and dry cracked skin.


Do they enjoy reading? Send a book or perhaps a kindle. Kindles are nice because you can send books electronically, and they can change the font size to be larger if needed. If they enjoy reading but are no longer able to see, perhaps consider audiobooks. They can easily listen to many audiobooks through an Amazon Echo dot.

Art/ Crafting Supplies

Are there other activities they enjoy like knitting, embroidery, or journaling? Maybe they enjoy art projects such as painting? Send them art supplies!

Fresh Flowers

Would they enjoy fresh flowers? Sometimes they are hard to ship but many services do this well and include options for a vase, so all they have to do is set the gift out. There is no need for filling up and storing their old vases.

Custom Door Sign

Entry Envy interior custom signs are only 2.5 pounds and come with a damage-free command hook. They can sit on their shelf, hang on their wall or door. You can put their first or last name on the side or even a custom message. Each month a new kit for holiday and season décor will arrive at their door to help them celebrate the next holiday. It helps recognize the passage of time in a meaningful way and ensures to bring a smile to their face each month.


Perhaps they would enjoy a new pair of slippers or socks. These are comfortable items that are worn year-round and need to be replaced periodically. This is something that you might think they own already, but something about a new pair of cozy slippers can make all the difference. 


Robes that zip up make for easy dressing and it's comfortable during the day and night. You could even get them a night robe and a day robe! Make them feel special!


A lightweight blanket is easy to take with them if they are moving through the facility often, and it's just enough to take the chill out of a room.

It's always great to show how much you care. All of the little touches, personalized gifts, and even a simple card can go a long way. Don’t forget to call! They love to hear your voice.


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