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Mother's Day and Gratitude

Mother's Day and Gratitude

Mother's Day and Gratitude

Today is Mother's Day and it's a bit late for a blog, but I'm feeling overwhelmed and when that happens, I practice gratitude. I think of everything I am grateful for because gratitude trumps fear every time, and fear is a byproduct of overwhelm. I know that was a lot in one sentence, so I'll break it down a bit before returning to gratitude. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed. We are women! We are moms, daughters, granddaughters, wives, friends, caretakers of people and pets, teenage therapists, employees, employers, and a host of many other things. And in between wearing all of those hats, we're cleaning the house, doing laundry, scheduling appointments, paying bills, grocery shopping, and, if you're lucky, planting your flowers today. No wonder we're overwhelmed, but what's the real problem? For me, it's fear. Fear of not getting it all done and letting someone down. No one has created my to-do list besides me. I set my expectations and most of my deadlines, and then I start to panic because I know I am never going to be able to get it all done. 

So, I go to a peaceful place, take 5 minutes, review my to-do list and self-imposed deadlines against the "real deadlines," and reprioritize and delegate. Do I have to do everything on that list? Is there anyone that can help me? I focus on "how can I" instead of "I can't." I take a deep breath and write down everything I am grateful for. I forget about everything I have to do for five minutes and just focus on gratitude. 


Here are a few things I am grateful for today:

  • I had a wonderful weekend with my children. Lexie found two dresses for upcoming events after going to somewhere in the vicinity of eight retail stores and several online. So grateful she's going to wear something besides a sweatshirt and leggings. Lol. Lexie had her best friend over last night, and my younger daughter, Lauryn, had sleepovers Friday and Saturday. They are both happy and healthy and super excited to get out of school for summer on May 25.
  • I spent the day with my girls at my grandma's with my parents, cousins, and their kiddos. I am grateful to be 45 years old and still have a grandma! She is 90 and lives independently. I'm thankful for the good genes in our family! I'm glad I could be there to help clean up from the storm her town had on Friday night.
  • I am so grateful for my mom. She is my rock. She gave me beautiful Kendra Scott earrings for Mother's Day. And I'm thankful she liked the earrings I gave her for Mother's Day. She is a tough woman to shop for so this gift was a bit risky, but a win! I can't imagine my life without her, and neither could my daughters. The earrings were very symbolic to me and a small token of my appreciation for her. 
  • I am so grateful for my team, especially Summer. She has been by my side through the past three and a half years of the most challenging years of my life. She is always happy, knows when I am stressed, super kind, cares about our customers and work product as much as I do, is loyal as the day is long, and I love her like a daughter. She's been a blessing in my life since the day I met her. 
  • I'm grateful for my friends and family. I have so many lifelong friendships. While I have thousands of connections, I have a fairly small circle of good friends and deep relationships. I have no idea how I would do life without these girlfriends. One of my favorite signs one of them gave me says, "Girlfriends are just therapists you can drink with." 100% true and way more effective! 
  • I am so grateful that I was capable of remodeling my home and living in a beautiful space that has also provided my livelihood the past two years. Speaking of livelihood, I am so grateful for the abundance of opportunities for Entry Envy. The NMotion accelerator program kicked off ten days ago and has contributed to my "overwhelm" but in the best ways. The drive, the push, the connections, the education, and everything else it offers is incredible. I am also grateful to be a finalist in the SUBTA Pitch Competition in Dallas on May 31. I appreciate that my mom can bring my daughters to watch it and hopefully watch me win an award! Without a doubt, my stress level will go down after this big event! 
  • I am grateful the four kitties and mama we are fostering for two more weeks are healthy and all gaining weight! They are so darn cute and instantly make anyone who holds them smile. 
  • And while I could write pages and pages more, I will end with being grateful for the changing of the seasons. I LOVE summer and everything it represents from fresh fruits and vegetables, warm starry nights, and lots of fun in the sun on the water. 

And with that, I feel so much better. My list is still impossibly long. I know I can't get it all done, but I remember that I am doing my best, which is enough. I trust the process. I will work for a few more hours until I start to fall asleep at my computer, head to bed, close my day with a prayer, and know tomorrow that I will do as I do every day, "Get up, dress up, show up" and Lauryn would add, "SLAY!" 

I am so grateful for all the mothers and mother figures that make our world a better place. You are amazing. You are enough. 

With gratitude and love,


Jennifer Lea Entry Envy Founder and CEO

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