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Mother's Day Gifts For Nursing Home Residents

Mother's Day Gifts For Nursing Home Residents

Mother's Day Gifts For Nursing Home Residents

 How to bring a smile to mom’s face every day:

If you ask me, Mother’s Day is one of the few worthy Hallmark holidays! Our mothers are humans who deserve to be recognized. If you are lucky enough to have yours still, what do you give the woman who gave you life, has everything she needs, and lives in a senior living center or assisted living facility? That’s what you call a tall order!

Here are a few nursing home gift ideas for Mom:

Pictures of the grandkids

This could be in a Shutterfly type book, calendar with all her family’s birthdays, new framed pictures, or canvas prints for her wall. She most certainly will enjoy seeing their smiles, and in turn, she will smile.

Reed diffuser

I love diffusers because they have a long-lasting fragrance without being overwhelming, and you never have to worry about a fire. Since candles are not allowed in nursing homes, diffusers make a lot of sense. Quality matters on these - my personal favorites are Capri Blue, Voluspa, and Nest. 

Hand lotion and hand soap

These simple amenities are not something that assisted living residents can easily access, nor is it a generation that typically indulges in “expensive” soap and lotion, but they enjoy it! Something seasonal is a simple and pretty way to bring a few doses of daily joy to her face.

Entry Envy Sign and Monthly Refill Decor Kits

Entry Envy signs are a thoughtful way to celebrate your mother all year long with our monthly Envy Decor Refill Kits. Whether she lives in a home, apartment, independent living, or assisted living facility, her personalized Entry Envy sign will bring her joy throughout the year when she gets her new decoration for her door each month for the entire community to enjoy. The signs and decor kits express beautifully and simply: someone lives here, someone cares, and someone is loved. It is a lovely and thoughtful way to share with her friends and talk about them every month. 


I know this one might make you chuckle, but I bought a tube of Christian Dior lipstick for my grandma several years ago, and she just loved having a pretty new color. I mean, let’s be honest, my motto in life is “slap on a little lipstick, and you’ll be just fine.” If you threw me on a deserted island with only one piece of makeup, it would be lipstick. When you look good, you feel good. Give her a pretty pink lipstick and watch her smile! 

New jammies or robe

Not exactly exciting, but it’s purposeful and appreciated. Make sure it has an easy zipper closure if purchasing a robe or something easy to get on and off for her pajamas. If you really want to indulge her, add some new slippers. She’ll think of you when she snuggles into bed in her new comfortable PJs. 

Snack basket

What are her favorite treats that are not readily available in her home? Perhaps caramel popcorn? Cheese, crackers, and summer sausage? Dots Pretzels? Bite-size Snickers? Spicy gumdrops? Peanut m&m’s? As I type this, I must be shopping for my grandma in my head, but you get the point! What would she love that she can’t or wouldn’t purchase for herself? Put it together in a cute basket, and she’ll be delighted!


Does she have a Kindle? They are great because you can increase the font size and download books for her—so many options and self-explanatory. Don’t underestimate her. My 90-year-old grandma can handle it. 

Monthly flower subscription

Does your mom or grandma enjoy receiving fresh flowers? What a silly question; we all do! Each month she can look forward to fresh flowers to brighten her space and delight her. 


If you are not familiar with a Grandpad, they are genius, monkey-proof iPads for seniors. Just like an iPad, there are lots of Apps to add on. One of their testimonials says that “when you are alone, you’re not alone with the push of a few buttons.” We all do it with our phones all day long; let’s help provide the same connectivity to our mothers. They can do virtual, live travel tours worldwide, watch cooking shows, and talk to their grandkids. Perfection!


Giving a gift on Mother's Day might not always be the easiest thing to figure out, but if you put a little bit of thought and a lot of love into it, you are sure to make her smile.

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