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Upgrade Your Valentine's Day Decor with a Modern Twist

Upgrade Your Valentine's Day Decor with a Modern Twist

Upgrade Your Valentine's Day Decor with a Modern Twist

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday because it looks happy and cheery. My mom always made it special when I was growing up with a little "love gift" of some sort, and it was always a surprise to me when I woke up. Some cute earrings, candy, press-on fingernails, etc. Nothing huge, but it was a fun way to start the Day and a reminder I was loved. 

Other than that, it's a Hallmark holiday that helps stimulate the economy, and that's okay, too. It takes all the things. Lol. But there are a few different looks on the decor side, and it's an art accomplishing the "modern decor Valentine's Day style." So, if you want your home to have a Pottery Barn-esque feel as opposed to Dollar Tree-esque, read on. There is a fine line! 

What is Modern Home Decor?

When I reference modern home decor, I will characterize it by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on function. It often incorporates natural materials and neutral color palettes, emphasizing creating a simple, uncluttered space. While neutral is key, many textures in the same color tones are welcome. Shades of white, ivory, beige, and or gray are common. Natural accents with wood and greens are welcome. Pops of color can be featured year-round or just for particular holidays. Overall, its modern home decor has a very fresh and uncluttered appearance. You feel like walking into a fabulous hotel room daily in a perfect world. 

The reality is you probably live with other humans in your home, some little and some big, which make keeping the "fabulous hotel room look" a full-time job, so we do the best we can of a lived-in, loved home. That said, it is possible to decorate your home for the holidays in line with the minimalist and modern approach, but it requires a bit of effort and thought. 

Breaking the Cycle of Outdated Holiday Decor

The number one mistake we make is holding onto our old holiday decor. Let's face it, we use it once a year, and there is nothing wrong with it, so we keep putting it out year after year. No, wrong. This is the problem! Would you keep re-wearing the same 10-year-old dress? Never mind, don't answer that, or I'll have to raise my hand, too! Lol. My point is that all decor home styles change over time, which applies to your throw pillows, holiday decor…and dresses. Now, there is another element here at play…sentimental value. By the very nature of this Hallmark holiday, if you received a decoration as a gift of love from your significant other, friend, or mom, you might resist disposing of it. On the other hand, and let's be honest, "love gifts" from former lovers are the first to go! 

Modern Accents in Focus Areas 

My advice to achieve a modern home decor Valentine's Day style is to focus on a few areas, such as your powder bath, mantle, and island. Keep it simple. No sparkles or a very bare minimum. We are going for fresh, light, airy, and a touch of love. Accents only of pink and red, again, minimal. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • I found some of my favorite modern Valentine's Day decor accents at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! The cute little signs with fun sayings are great.
  • Add a baby "bud vase" with a fresh rose in the power bath for a sweet touch. 
  • Candles or diffusers with a fresh fragrance and simple container lend themselves well to the holiday.
  • Hand soaps representative of Valentine's Day is a wonderful touch.
  • Feather boas sparingly used are darling in the right spaces to fill the focal area, such as an entry table or your mantle. 

Unique and Stylish Home Decor from Entry Envy

And, of course, remember to make your entry welcoming with a touch of Valentine's Day decor on your front porch! Entry Envy Refill Decor Kits come in modern, traditional, or masculine styles and are the perfect accent to let your guests know your love is filled with home, and it greets them at the door with that knowledge right away.

Jennifer Lea Founder and CEO Entry Envy

If we can help you enhance your entry, please let us know. We believe in the power of first impressions and want you to love coming home so much that we offer free virtual front porch consultations. Click HERE to send us a picture of your front porch.

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