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Behind the Scenes with Entry Envy: The Creative Process Unveiled

Behind the Scenes with Entry Envy: The Creative Process Unveiled

Behind the Scenes with Entry Envy: The Creative Process Unveiled
We are often asked questions such as who does your designs? Where do you shop? How do you come up with the designs? What is the difference between modern and traditional styles? What makes these different from doing my own decor? I’m going to do my best to answer these questions here and take you behind the scenes of Entry Envy!

Question: Who does your designs?

Answer: I do. I’m Jennifer Lea, the Founder & CEO of Entry Envy. As fast as we’re growing, it might seem to outsiders, who offer their opinions about where my time is best spent, that this is something I could delegate. However, that’s a “hard no” for me. Our monthly and seasonal refill decor kits are the heart and soul of why people subscribe to Entry Envy. Plus, I LOVE creating the designs. While I am very business-savvy, I am also highly creative and need to feed my soul.

Question: Where do you shop?

Answer: Everywhere! If I’m driving anywhere near a home decor store, you can bet that I’ll be stopping by! Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn, Marshalls, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, At Home, and Target. Then there are a whole host of online resources I peruse, including wholesale florists, the online versions of all the stores listed above, and Amazon. Bottom line, I search high and low to find cool, high-quality decor that comes together in unique ways to make your entry look fabulous, make you smile when you see your Entry Envy sign, and withstand the outdoor elements.

Question: How do you come up with the designs each month?

Answer: This is probably the hardest question for me to answer because I don’t really know; it’s just how my brain works. I start with shopping - buying decor I like regardless of whether or not I quite know what else I’m going to put with it. I prefer to do all of the kits simultaneously while I’m in a creative mode. I look at everything I have purchased, and then I look around at my other options. Two and a half years after starting Entry Envy, my storage space resembles a clearance shelf - a LOT of mishmash but some gems too, if I look hard enough! It just magically comes together. If it doesn’t, I go shopping again, often with a “half-done” kit. If I can’t find what I want at a store or online, we make it. I have to LOVE each and every kit before we send it out the door.

Question: What is in each kit?

Answer: Each of our monthly boxes is comprised of three items: a decor pick (always artificial - no water required!), an accessory like a cute sign or candle, and substrate to cover the foam block that holds the decor. Each decor pick is usually comprised of three different artificial stems. We have an incredible team of women, led by my mom, who help source all of our products (after I find what I want we have to buy hundreds!), create the beautiful decor picks, embellish and make accessories, stuff the little bags with ground cover material, and package each box in a way that feels like a gift to you when you open it. It’s truly a subscription you look forward to receiving each month that will make you, and your home, feel special.

Question: What is the difference between modern and traditional decor?

Answer: When I started the company, I appreciated from the get-go that everyone has a different taste in decor. It’s hard to please everyone, but the two styles I gravitate towards and understand our customers enjoy, are what I describe as Modern and Traditional. Modern, in my mind, tends to be more minimalistic and sometimes neutral in color. Traditional designs are a little more “full” and represent the holiday or season at hand in a way that we were brought up learning what colors and items are typically seen during that time.

In more recent times, modern designers have moved towards “less is more,” and the colors have become more muted. Now, here’s the trick, most people don’t know what their style is and they want to be seen as “modern,” but truth be told, they really love the traditional look. So, I strive to find the happy medium. My version of modern is a little more full and a bit brighter than perhaps Joanna Gaines would prefer, but our customers love it.

Here’s the way I boil it down, and you’re going to laugh at my scientific analysis here: if my 91-year-old grandma and my mom would like it, I call it traditional. If they wouldn’t, then I call it modern. Sometimes, I label them as both. I LOVE every design I create and would be proud to put any of them on my porch, and I’m 46. So, all in all, pick either option to try us out and we will not disappoint! Furthermore, we do an onboarding survey of our customers to learn more about their specific preferences, particularly related to religious symbols preferences and how “frilly” they like or do not like decor.  

At the end of the day, the journey of bringing Entry Envy to life is one that intertwines creativity, passion, and Jennifer’s deep desire to enrich home entries with joy and beauty. Each design, each kit, and every decor piece is a testament to the love and dedication we pour into our work, aiming to deliver not just a product, but an experience that celebrates the seasons and holidays with ease and elegance. Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of modern decor or the warmth of traditional styles, Entry Envy is here to transform your entryway into a welcoming statement that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Join us in this journey of beautification, where your satisfaction is our inspiration, and let's make every entrance an enviable one.

Jennifer Lea founder of Entry Envy

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