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Kicking off Spring with Easter Decor

Kicking off Spring with Easter Decor

Kicking off Spring with Easter Decor

Easter is one of my favorite holidays each year. It marks the official arrival of spring and promises warmer weather to come. The holiday is characterized by beautiful colors—pinks, purples, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens—that simply make me happy. It also brings a sense of renewal, which I absolutely love about this holiday. It’s time to clean off your front porch, remove the winter grime and dirt from the glass, and refresh it with something indicative of spring. But what exactly should that be? Well, I have a few ideas! Here’s a little insight into how I designed our Entry Envy Easter kits. As always, there’s a blend of modern and traditional decor styles. I put a lot of attention, thought, and detail into each one. Our team members in Omaha, Nebraska tirelessly handcraft each bouquet with careful attention and intention. The boxes are beautifully packaged, and opening them truly feels like receiving a gift for yourself and your entryway!

I start shopping for each of our subscription boxes months in advance. When I began thinking about Easter kits this year, it was well below zero in Nebraska, blanketed with snow. It’s challenging to get into the spring mood under such dreary conditions, but it also makes me happy. I explore places others haven’t yet considered. While people are still buying Christmas decorations, I’m already buying pink tulips!

When designing the kits, I search for accessories and flowers that I love, not initially worrying about compatibility. I buy one of everything I love from every home decor store in the area, including from private wholesalers I work with. Depending on when creativity strikes, I might grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and get to work. Onice I have a variety of samples to choose from, the design process usually takes me less than an hour to create anywhere from five to ten fabulous kits. If I have too many, I pare them down because we aim for about six kits. This month, we have six for Easter and two for spring.

The spring kits (ship through May 12) are inspired by my love of tulips and a charming bicycle I found—two entirely separate themes. The tulip kits are yellow and instantly brought a smile to my face. I began searching for accessories to complement them and decided that a little “Welcome Spring” sign would be perfect. Unable to find what I wanted, I designed it and had it made. The bicycle was just adorable, available in pink and yellow, and I couldn’t decide which color I liked best, so I bought both. It had a retro modern vibe, and I was in the mood for wildflowers. I found some whimsical stems that looked adorable with the bicycle. I hope you enjoy these kits as much as I do. Spring Seasonal Kits ship through May 12. 

The Easter kits came together beautifully and are just darling! One of them features a petite white chick (which could also be considered a duck, but I’m going with chick), and it’s simply adorable. I paired it with some cute forsythia and yellow flowers with flecks of white, drawing out the colors in her ribbon and look great together.

I was also totally inspired by this fluffy ball of a bunny head with two little pink ears. The little pink in the ears looked fantastic with hot pink tulips and some small tiny flowers in different shades of pink, bringing it all together. Yet, it still needed an extra special touch. After searching high and low, I found a mini Easter basket, to which we added moss and three Easter eggs, and even tied a little lavender bow on them. Probably the most time-intensive kit of them all, but the extra details are always worth it, and I hope our subscribers appreciate it as much as I do. Our team did an amazing job creating all of these kits. 

Then, I found an incredibly cute white Peter Cottontail wood bunny—simple, sleek, and modern with only one accent: a little puff of a bunny tail. It needed something sleek to complement it. The bunny wasn’t quite white, nor was it ivory. Most flowers this time of year are white and looked terrible with the bunny. I went on a mission and found some super cool off-white eucalyptus and a very simple green oversized bud that just popped next to the bunny. I always try to design one kit that could appeal to subscribers who prefer a “less frilly” aesthetic, and this was certainly one that fit the bill. This particular kit had the fewest numbers available because I could only find so many of the white bunnies, but they were absolutely adorable, and I bought as many as I could get my hands on!

I love boxwood mats and have used them in some creative ways, including as outdoor art on my home, indoor art at the office, and, this month, something different instead of moss for the base of one of our kits! I knew I wanted to use it, but then I had to figure out how. So for those seeking a touch of whimsy, our boxwood mat adorned with woven carrots and a natural wooden bunny on a stick, offers a fresh twist on classic Easter decor.

Whether your style leans towards classic or modern minimalist, our curated collection has something for everyone. Each kit is thoughtfully designed to infuse your entryway with the joy and vitality of spring, transforming it into a welcoming space of color and joy.

Embrace the spirit of Easter and usher in the season with style. Our kits are available for immediate shipping ensuring that your entry is Easter-ready for company. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your entryway with our enchanting Easter decor. Order your custom sign today and let the magic of spring unfold at your doorstep.

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