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Gratitude in the Lesson

Gratitude in the Lesson

Gratitude in the Lesson
One of my dear friends, Edney Epics, often writes about "Gratitude in the Lesson." There is a lesson in every event, every day, to learn from and be grateful for. It seems fitting this time of year to remind us all to be grateful for everything we have.

Brene Brown said, "We're a nation hungry for more joy; Because we're starving from a lack of gratitude."

We live in a world of Instagram and Facebook "perfect pictures" that often conjure in our minds comparison and a false representation of others "perfect lives." There is no perfect anything. Life is all about what you make of it and how you perceive it. The same exact situation can happen to two different people and they can handle it in completely different ways. You can't control what happens around you, but you can choose every single time, how you respond. What are you teaching your children? Find the lesson; teach gratitude.

Journal Gratitude

Make time for 5 minutes a day to write down 5-10 things you are grateful for. If this is hard at first, start with one or two. It will get easier, I promise. In a couple of weeks, you'll fill up half of a page. Sometimes, you'll write the same things over and over. Other times, you'll be surprised what you are finding gratitude in that you may previously have not given any thought to. This is magical and powerful.

Focus on What You Have

Don't focus on what you don't have, but rather be grateful for what you do. For example, I could focus on what a disaster my house is right now, or be grateful that I have a flourishing business out of it and so many orders to fulfill for Christmas. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that people are choosing to not only purchase Entry_Envy for themselves, but they are gifting it. What an amazing compliment.

Thank You!

I am beyond grateful for the success we have had since launching in October of last year. Our customers, my team, and especially my mom, are amazing. My children have watched their mom make extremely brave, bold decisions and rebuild our life. Thank you all for your support and allowing me to share this space and message with you. Practice gratitude, you will find more happiness, learn from the lessons, and lead by example.

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Jennifer Lea Founder and CEO of Entry Envy

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