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Omahan Shows Curb Appeal: Entry Envy takes Subscription Industry by Storm

Drawing inspiration from single-handedly remodeling a 50-year-old fixer-upper, Omahan Jennifer Lea officially launched Entry Envy on October 1, 2021, as a means of boosting curb appeal with minimal effort and expense. Fast forward eight months later and the custom sign concept was recognized as the best new subscription service of 2022 by the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) and its Cube Awards. 

Furthermore, the thriving service is providing a platform for women to consider the trades as a profession. 

The founder and CEO recalled being moved to tears during the SUBTA ceremony in early June in Orlando.

“Huge companies like Netflix and the New York Times had just been on stage,” Lea said. “It meant so much to have a renowned organization with thousands of subscription-based business members believe that much in our startup to give us such an honor. I said during my acceptance speech that, ‘I knew I was in the top 5% to even be in that room, let alone to win an award.’”

Read the full article on Midlands Business Journal.


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