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Growth, Grit, and Gratitude: Entry Envy’s Next Chapter in a New Space

Growth, Grit, and Gratitude: Entry Envy’s Next Chapter in a New Space

Growth, Grit, and Gratitude: Entry Envy’s Next Chapter in a New Space

Entry Envy has a new location!

Like almost all startups, I began this crazy journey out of my house just a little over two years ago. After investing 1800 hours of sweat equity in my home renovation, instead of adorning it with cozy furnishings and decor, I began filling it with faux floral, wood signs, paint, and all the supplies my new product-based business needed. If you are a parent, remember the days when you had a newborn baby and how much stuff there was? It's kind of like that. Everywhere I have turned for the past two years there was "stuff." It was just rolls of floral tape instead of pacifiers! Over the past two years, every nook and cranny of my first floor, including the garage, became dedicated to Entry Envy.

An early piece of advice from a mentor, Mark Elman, resonated deeply: “don’t move until it hurts.” I’ve taken that sentiment to heart. However, as we geared up for growth, I could feel the strain. I knew it was time for more room.

A dear friend, Francie Prier, informed my mom about a potential space available downtown, just caddy corner from the Ashton Building. Meeting the realtor at this spot for the first time, she cautioned before we went in, “there’s some work to do, but it’s priced right.” Her words rang true. And, just as I had embraced the challenges of the “fixer-upper” house I began remodeling less than three years prior, I wasn’t daunted by the impending tasks.

Link to YouTube 2 minute renovation before & after images of Entry Envy headquarters

You might ponder, why take this on myself? Shouldn't a founders' time be better spent elsewhere? Maybe, but here's why I did it myself. We’re still a “scrappy startup,” and investing in advertising and operations takes precedence over hiring contractors. Secondly, I have the capability and drive. Plus, engaging in construction projects offers me productive mind time—a space for creative and strategic thought. Lastly, there's an undeniable pleasure in the immediate satisfaction from accomplishing tangible construction projects. So much of my daily business operations span weeks, months, or even years to yield measurable results. Hand me a gallon of paint and a brush, and voilà!

My primary challenges with this project centered on time and location. With our peak season looming, my focus was split between increasing revenue, reshuffling roles within the company, raising capital and now an office renovation. Moreover, unlike my home projects, I couldn't indulge in late-night woodworking or painting while my daughters slept soundly.

One of my guiding principles is the adage, “you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” It’s continually surprising what one can achieve with unwavering determination. I often hear, “I don’t know how you manage everything.” Truth be told, sometimes I wonder, too. They key as Dan Sullivan says is, "It's Who, Not How." I don’t do it alone. Entry Envy has an AMAZING team including onsite and remote workers. My mother, aside from her full-time role in the company, also graciously handles school pickups for my children several days a week. My support system is vast, ranging from coaches and mentors to fellow founders and great friends. All of these people are truly the wind beneath my wings.

I begin each day with a prayer before I get out of bed. It's the first and only moment of solitude I will have the rest of the day. From there, it's showtime. Regardless of how I feel, the mantra remains: get up, dress up, show up, and give it my all. After nodding off at my laptop multiple times late into the night (or what most consider early morning), I wrap up with a gratitude journal entry and write down my three goals for the next day.

This relentless pace, maintained since August 2020, has brought more vitality into my life unlike anything I have ever experienced. Is it challenge? God, yes. Am I exhausted? Undoubtedly. Yet, the thrill and passion are unwavering.

Muhammed Ali once said, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." I'm terrified everyday and at the same time, and I can't wait. Cheers to two years, new spaces, big dreams, and the next chapter! 

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