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Gift Ideas for our Senior Loved Ones for the Holidays

Gift Ideas for our Senior Loved Ones for the Holidays

Gift Ideas for our Senior Loved Ones for the Holidays

As the holidays draw near, a familiar question emerges within our family: "What are we going to get Grandma for Christmas this year?" My grandmother, a sprightly 91-year-old who still resides in her own home with considerable assistance from my mother, embodies independence. Despite our worries, she insists on shoveling snow, feeding birds during blizzards, and walking dogs on icy paths—always with the fearless retort, "When it's my time, it's my time!"

Her tenacity doesn't simplify our holiday dilemma: What's the perfect Christmas gift for her? This challenge isn't new; we've faced it with my great-grandparents and now with my parents in their sixties and seventies. There comes a point where people seem to need nothing more, yet it remains important to express our affection through gifts.

Below are some gift ideas I’ve gathered over the years, which I hope will inspire you. I've categorized them based on living arrangements, with a note on the potential for overlap:

Independent Living or Home

  • Alexa enabled devices such as Echo Show to be able to drop in and see faces without “button pushing” required
  • GrandPad (iPad for seniors)
  • Alexa enabled technology for lights, music, temperature, etc. Hey Alexa, what’s the temperature? Hey Alexa, turn on the hallway light. Hey Alexa, play music.
  • Bird feeders and food
  • Heating blanket
  • Heated mattress pad
  • Nice lotions and soaps
  • New hand soap, dish scrubber, microfiber dish towels, and kitchen towels
  • Facial moisturizer and lipstick. Ladies like to feel pretty at all ages!
  • Food & Beverage Basket (meat, cheese, crackers, root beer, and heck, my grandma loves cans of margaritas!)
  • Magazine subscription
  • New slippers/house shoes
  • Electric lightweight leaf blower (game changer!)
  • A recipe with ingredients
  • A gift card for a manicure (and yes, you’ll have to go too)
  • An older pet - cat or dog. They’ll kill you, then they’ll forgive you.
  • Cans of gourmet jam, mustard, or spreads such as Stonewall Kitchen
  • Ready to make packets of gourmet soups, dishes and dips
  • Electronic rain gauge they can read from inside the house
  • Homemade baked goods - cookies, breads, pies
  • Entry decor - a wreath or an Interior Entry Envy sign that makes recognizing the holidays and seasons an effortless activity
  • 12 Days of Christmas Countdown - drop off, deliver or mail a little something each day for 12 days. They will be delighted! Think food, soap, lotion, a poinsettia, cookies, socks, etc.

Assisted Living Community or Nursing Home

  • Heating blanket
  • Heated mattress pad
  • GrandPad (iPad for seniors)
  • Slippers, non-slip socks, or house shoes
  • Food basket - candy, popcorn, crackers, etc.
  • Pictures of the grandkids. This could be in a Shutterfly type book, calendar with all her family’s birthdays, new framed pictures, or canvas prints for her wall. She most certainly will enjoy seeing their smiles and in turn, she will smile.
  • Reed diffuser. I love diffusers because they have a long lasting fragrance without being overwhelming and you never have to worry about a fire. Since candles are not allowed in nursing homes, diffusers make a lot of sense. 
  • Nice lotions and soaps. These simple amenities are not something that assisted living residents can easily access, nor it is a generation that typically indulges in “expensive” soap and lotion, but they enjoy it! 
  • Lipstick. I know this one might make you chuckle, but I bought a tube of Christian Dior lipstick for my grandma several years ago and she just loved having a pretty new color. When you look good, you feel good, no matter your age. Give her a pretty pink lipstick and watch her smile! 
  • Robe with an easy zipper closure
  • Entry Envy interior sign or Little Envy box with monthly or quarterly refill decor kits

I hope this has given you a few ideas for those who are loved so very much, and so very difficult to shop for! Be sure to check out our great gifts for seniors for more ideas. We can personalize an interior sign with their name, greeting, or a fun saying. They will enjoy receiving a new faux floral and accessory refill decor kit each month for all the holidays or each quarter to thoughtfully recognize the seasons. The kits can be reused for years to come. They will know they are loved and remembered every time they see their sign from you. 

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