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How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Someone

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Someone

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Someone

I love giving gifts, but my favorites are meaningful and even better if the recipient understands the reasoning and love behind the gift. I have a friend who is the very best gift-giver I know. Everything I have received from her in my life I absolutely love and still own, 20 years later in some cases. I have plenty of things in my life that I have bought and thought I loved, and long discarded. So how does she do this?!

Tips to Gift Giving

  1. She is well organized and plans ahead. 
  2. She thinks about what she knows about that person, their interests, what is going on in their life, what they need most (which may not be a "thing"), and what they would appreciate.
  3. The last point of what they would appreciate is crucial. If you have not read The Five Love Languages, I highly recommend it. The cliff note's version of the book is that there are five ways in which we give and receive love:
    1. Quality time and communication (lunch, dinner drinks)
    2. Words of affirmation (you're the best, good job, etc.)
    3. Gifts (self-explanatory!)
    4. Acts of service (cooking food, helping with shopping)
    5. Physical touch (hugs, holding hands)

You may not be able to identify what someone's love language is immediately, but if you think in times past what has made them happy that someone has done (or not done), it might give you a clue. For example, some people think flowers are a waste of money because they die quickly.

If "gifts" are not the primary way someone receives love, you can give them the sun and moon, and it won't be as meaningful to them as it is to you. However, if quality time and communication are high on their list and you give them a night out to hang with you, a ticket to a concert, or a day spa activity with lunch, that's meaningful. And, if you give them a gift that they know you put time and thought into, they will appreciate it far more than just "another thing." For example, a darling tea towel with a fun message on it, cute beverage napkins, and their favorite brand of chips and salsa. Or, perhaps a custom Entry Envy custom sign with their last name and the year they got married or built their home.

And then there are those people who love to receive gifts, but have everything. Yes, they are hard, but I always go to "usables and consumables." Wine, Nest Diffuser, fabulous shower gel, amazing hand soap and lotion, or even Capri Blue kitchen cleaner and dish soap with one of their candles. 

The "acts of service" receivers tend to be the hardest. I am actually in that category. We are terrible at asking for help. My mother learned long ago I do not ask for help and usually refuse it when offered. So, guess what? She just does it. Whatever it is, she doesn't ask, she just does it. She's amazing, and I love her for it, and I definitely don't tell her that enough. 

And more note, how you give love and receive are different. Even though I receive love through acts of service, I give often give love by giving gifts. Let's be honest; it's much easier than actually giving your time and doing something for others. 

Don't stress

Choosing gifts shouldn't be hard or stressful. At the end of the day, it truly is the thought that counts, and the purpose of this article is to make sure you are gifting something meaningful to your recipient and "worth your money." 

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