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Home Decor Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Home Decor Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Home Decor Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Thank you Hallmark, for creating a reason to celebrate nearly every single day of the year, or at least each month!

I love to decorate for all “the things” and I created Entry Envy to make it simple and easy for others to do so as well! I believe that your entry is a reflection of who you are - your home, your personality, your family culture and I want it to be fabulous. Trust me, the other side of my front door may not look as well put together as my front porch, but I’ve always had the philosophy, “fake it until you make it.” It has worked out okay so far. I’m a big believer, and the older I get even more so, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Entry Envy was designed for busy women who want to recognize all the moments in life with simplicity, convenience, and ease.

Here are some easy and simple ways to decorate for every month of the year without feeling like you live in the craft store.


Depending on what part of the country you reside in, January can be a very dreary month! Typically, I do something special for the week of New Years on my front porch and the focal spot in my kitchen. The rest of the month, I use neutral greens such as eucalyptus and/or evergreens. Sometimes I even leave some of the holiday décor out, but simply remove the red berries and holiday sparkles. Throw in some fun pops of color to brighten things up. Honestly, I find January to be one of the hardest months to find something to decorate around and it doesn’t help that it’s a cold and dreary month in the Midwest and we’re all on a diet. Let’s move on to February…


    February 1 my Valentine’s décor goes up! I loft soft pink, gray and white as much as I love hot pink with pops of gold and even bright orange. Think Kate Spade. Again, one or two focal areas max. My daughters each have Entry Envy “Indoor” boxes on their doors and they love to go to the craft store and pick out fun things for their door signs. I know that seems a bit contradictory to the subscription décor service that Entry Envy offers, but their door signs have created a reason for us to do something together that is fun and creative. I love teaching them about design and watching them find things they love. Their little signs make great places to exchange notes and put reminders, too. I used to do small holiday decorations in their rooms, but they are 10 and 12 and most of the time, I can’t even find a clean spot on their desk or dresser, so the door sign works!


      March 1 is spring. Okay, technically, it’s March 21, but waiting for March 21 is harder for me than when I was six waiting for Santa to come. After months of living through the cold weather in Nebraska, I’m totally ready to pretend it’s going to be 80 degrees on March 1, no matter what. I clean out my evergreens from my planters (but leave the birch sticks) and welcome pansies to my outdoor planters with the yellow flowers and maybe pussy willows. I usually add some moss to cover up the dirt until the pansies grow in. My porch gets a new spring rug and a good cleaning after a long winter. I always wash my windows this time of year too, and get rid of all signs of winter inside. Think yellow, pink, orange, green. I’m not Irish or Catholic, but I’m always up for an excuse to decorate and drink beer, so I’ll celebrate St. Pat’s with the best of them and add a cute garden flag and accessorize my Entry Envy sign for the week. All of the winter décor in my house goes away and the Easter stuff is waiting to hop out of its storage bin…


        I don’t where you live, but spring has hopefully sprung! And likely, Easter is right around the corner. I love the freshness of this month, even if there are April showers to bring May flowers. Let’s be honest the rain doesn’t even start until May sometimes depending on where you live. Go to your focal spaces in your home and evaluate what needs to be freshened up. The minimalist trend for sure continues - a cool vase with a single stem. A great tray with a plant, candle and a candy dish. Put away the fur blankets and pillows. Add a new throw pillow. Pops of color goes a long way! Add a vase of tulips to the kitchen island and smile. Add a bunny and you’re good to go. Remember, just because you’ve had it for twenty years does not mean you have to put it out. And there will probably be bunny gnomes out this year since the gnomes seem to have taken over all the holidays!


          Oh May! The rule in Nebraska is to not plant summer flowers before Mother’s Day. Trust me, we try, and it never works out. 😂 So, the middle of May is time to pull out the pansies and spruce up the porch for summer. I usually do a palm of some sort with a tropical vibe. I replace my entry mat and update my garden flag with summer vibes. The landscaping is all starting to look beautiful with fresh mulch and hasn’t become totally overgrown yet. I usually pick one or two areas in my landscaping to add annuals. I want my backyard to feel as welcoming as the front yard, so I clean my patio furniture, add a new citronella candle, a new can of bug spray, and a beautiful tropical planter. A patio heater and solar lights are a plus! Don’t forget to put your flag up on Memorial Day!


            The kids are out of school, summer is in full swing, the plants are thriving, and who in the heck has time to do one more thing right now? No one. June is on autopilot from May. Enjoy Father’s Day with a fun outdoor BBQ. Relax, enjoy, it’s summer! The last week of June put our your new Entry Envy 4th of July décor!


              July kicks off literally with a bang! The 4th is fun and creates a red, white and blue theme for the month to celebrate our freedom. Despite all the negativity and crazy pandemic situation, we are still free and live better than the rest of the world, so let’s celebrate that! I usually add a medium-sized flag to my planter with a solar light and have thematic serving pieces that make entertaining festive and fun. Keep watering your flowers!


                One word - hot! The kids go back to school all too soon. Everyone tries to squeeze in last-minute family vacations and enjoy the dog days of summer. My flowers by this time of year are either doing great or dying! If they are dying, I replace the ones that have seen better days with artificial flowers. This is one of my favorite tricks - just replace what’s died and when it’s intermingled with real flowers, NO ONE knows the difference.


                  Yay, it’s fall! I love summer as much as anyone, but I love everything about fall from the décor to the fall flavors. Signs of summer in my home and on my porch go away. I usually leave the backyard intact with tropical decorations for another month because there are many great patio nights yet to be enjoyed. As for my front porch, it’s time to change my garden flag, replace my doormat and update the planters. I love burlap to cover the soil, pumpkins, bittersweet, and artificial fall foliage. There is a great article I’ve covered on how to update your entry for fall here.


                    Boo! Nothing you’ve done to decorate for September needs to go away, just add in the fun Halloween décor! Halloween is probably one of the few holidays that I may not say “less is more.” You can either choose to stick to a focus area or go all out! For me, it all comes down to whether or not I’m hosting a Halloween party! Kids love the spooky décor and I’ve accumulated an awful lot over the years, but just remember what you put up, must come down, and you have about 24 hours to do it after October 31! Lol! Add some spooky music to the front porch alongside your pumpkins, fake spider webs, and purple lights in the landscaping. Just remember to not make it too scary, or the little kids won’t come!


                      The month of gratitude. The older I get, the more this is my favorite month. It’s the breather before Christmas and there is so much to be grateful for. I usually leave up all my fall décor, but start adding in some evergreens with golds, browns and bronze. Warm white lights and battery-operated candles add a beautiful ambiance to any room. Personally, I’m in the camp that doesn’t start putting up Christmas décor until after Thanksgiving giving, but everyone is different on that, so just do it when you feel like it, but no later than December 1.


                        This is such a joyous season and so easy to decorate for, in fact, it’s a little too easy sometimes! It’s nearly impossible to practice “less is more,” so just make sure you commit to a color scheme or theme and stick to it. Again, just because you own it, doesn’t mean you have to get it out. Here’s my secret to all entertaining and decorating - and you’re going to laugh and not believe me but my best friends will testify to this - pick out your favorite Caspari cocktail napkins. That’s your theme. A $500 holiday party? Decorated around a $5 package of napkins. All my gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree? Yep, based on the $5 package of my favorite napkins. Caspari has amazing designs and they have already paid designers a lot of money to come up with a beautiful color scheme and theme, so why do I need to spend hours on Pinterest coming up with something else? I don’t. So here’s the deal, I have storage bins full of Christmas décor and once I find my favorite package of napkins, I only put out what matches that theme. This year was a lot of buffalo plaid. Based on the trends I’m seeing so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s super in season again this year, which I’m totally good with.

                        Moral of the story, enjoy all the seasons by keeping your home fresh, clean, and in style without spending hours upon hours each month doing so. None of us have time for that! And, if you don’t have an Entry Envy sign yet, order yours today. Each month, we will ship you a darling refill décor kit that will keep your front porch perfectly in season, even if you do nothing else to your entry! And, if you have children, I promise you they will love to help you switch it out each month. It helps recognize the passage of time and makes it convenient and simple to make your entry look like you’ve got your life put together, even if the other side of the door may say otherwise!

                        Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

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