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How to Host the Most Welcoming Holiday Gathering - A Checklist for Success!

How to Host the Most Welcoming Holiday Gathering - A Checklist for Success!

How to Host the Most Welcoming Holiday Gathering - A Checklist for Success!

Who's Coming? An event is not an event without the people!

  1. Invitations: Choose your preferred format, but remember to send a reminder a few days before. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a big bash, reminders ensure a better turnout. Specify the nature of the event – is it a strict start time or a casual, come-and-go affair?

  2. Dress Code: Setting a dress code can significantly enhance your party's atmosphere. Consider a fun theme to spark conversations among your guests. Remember, the dress code is part of the fun – it's a party, not a pajama day! Or perhaps it's a pajama party! 

  3. Guest List Preparation: Inform everyone about who's coming, arrival times, and the dress code. This is especially helpful for those who prefer to mentally prepare for social gatherings. It's a small step that can make a huge difference in making your guests feel comfortable right from the start.

  4. Arrival Instructions: Make the event location and parking details crystal clear in your invitations. If it's at your home, ensure visible house numbers and maybe add a personal touch to your front porch to guide them. (Check out Entry Envy signs for some creative ideas!)

Making a Fabulous First Impression

Your guests start forming impressions and setting expectations even before entering, so here's how to set a welcoming tone:

  1. Entrance Appeal: Keep the entrance clear of leaves and debris. Seasonal decor can add charm to your front porch. Entry Envy's refill decor kit subscriptions make keeping your custom sign festive and stylish convenient. We have monthly and quarterly options available - click here to learn more. 

  2. Sparkling Cleanliness: Ensure windows and doors are clean – it hints at the tidiness inside. Glaring fingerprints are the worst!

  3. Lighting: All outdoor lights should be turned on and of the same color hue. If your pathway is not well lit, consider some solar lights or LED luminaries to light the way. This is especially important if it could be slick outside.

  4. Music: One of my favorite tricks is to put a small Bluetooth speaker in a planter with music. Think about how much more fun it is to go into a retail store playing music outside. They will be so excited to come in. Make sure the music carries over inside, too!

Inside: Where the Magic Happens

  1. Come on in: If weather permits, keep your front door open. It's an unspoken welcome gesture. If not, be sure to have someone greeting your guests if it can't be you. Even a sign on the door works! 

  2. Lighting: Soften your foyer light with a dimmer switch. Harsh lighting can be a shock if guests are coming in from the dark. It also immediately creates a more intimate atmosphere.

  3. Music and Scent: Ensure the music's tempo suits your event's vibe and is audible at the entrance and can be heard throughout the space, without be blaring loud so guests can't easily converse. Use a candle or diffuser with a holiday scent like cinnamon or pumpkin spice to add a cozy touch.

  4. Temperature Check: Adjust the temperature according to the number of guests and their comfort. If you are having a bunch of people over, knock the heat down a few degrees and conversely, if you are only having a few, pay attention to your guests’ body language. Are the ladies in cute sleeveless shirts shivering with goosebumps? 

Welcoming Done Right

This is one of my favorite secrets! When your guests walk in the door, guide them to the coat closet or wherever they can put their coat and purse and then offer a welcome drink. If you’ve ever arrived at a resort and they hand you a drink at the front desk, there is a feeling of “this is going to be fabulous” that starts your entire trip off on the right foot. One of my go-to holiday welcome drinks is a family recipe from my mother called Milk Punch. It has a resemblance of Baileys and Rumchatta - perfect for any time of day. [Click here for the recipe]

Cheers to a Fantastic Event and Happy Holidays!

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