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Giving Gifts That Truly Matter

Giving Gifts That Truly Matter

Giving Gifts That Truly Matter

I absolutely love giving gifts, and every gift that I give has a reason behind it. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but the most meaningful ones are those that involve a bit of time and thought.

The best kind of gifts are those given out of sheer surprise and delight. My mom taught me this. She was always great at remembering the smaller holidays and would surprise me with something at breakfast.

She celebrated the big moments in my life, like getting a new job, with flowers or cards—things I didn’t necessarily think were gift-worthy, but she always did. To become one of those people who remembers everything and acts upon it requires a few key skills:

1. Look at your calendar a month in advance to see what’s coming up. Are there any special birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other occasions deserving of recognition?
2. Then decide how you will commemorate those events. This often depends on the recipient—a simple card might suffice for your aunt across the country, but your mother will definitely appreciate a gift. 😊
3. Consider your budget. This depends on the event’s significance and how special the person is to you.

Here are some gift ideas by occasion that I have either received or given, which have brought many smiles:

High School Graduation:

• A dorm bathroom caddy filled with shower gel, a new razor, toothpaste, and a Target gift card.
• Towels in a laundry hamper.
• A fun accordion pouch with various gift cards for Starbucks, pizza, etc.
• Short on time? An Amazon or IKEA gift card will do just fine!
• A nice portfolio for job interviews and meetings.
• Any new tech - AirPods, Apple Watch, Remarkable notebook, iPad.

College Graduation:
This significant achievement tends to receive less attention. Here are a few more sentimental ideas:

• Flowers.
• Montblanc Pen.
• Timeless jewelry.
• A great bottle of wine or champagne.

New Job:

• Flowers on their first day with a card.
• A bottle of wine or champagne.
• A new desk accessory such as an inspirational mousepad, new pens, a cute notebook, or a Little Envy business card holder with a subscription so their desk is always seasonally “in style.”

New Home:

• Diffuser or candle.
• An appetizer on a beautiful dish they can keep, such as Mariposa.
• Bottle of wine or champagne.
• Flowers - my favorites are low arrangements in 5” square vases for the island or bathroom. They look beautiful and full without obstructing views.
• An Entry Envy custom sign for their entry or a gift card, so they can design their own! It’s a perfect finishing touch, identifying their home in a unique way for guests and delivery drivers, making holiday and seasonal decorating easy and fun. It’s truly a gift that gives year-round.


Engagement gifts often depend on whether there is an “engagement party.” If invited, you’re likely also on the wedding guest list and should bring a gift:

• Money.
• Engraved cake knife.
• Champagne glasses for the wedding toast.


The safest bet is to gift from their registry or give money. However, timeless gifts not considered for their registry can also be appreciated. My go-to for wedding gifts is Borsheims in Omaha, now owned by Berkshire Hathaway. They have a fine gift department and ship all over. Consider practical staple serving dishes or a great ring holder for by the kitchen sink. An Entry Envy sign is another stunning way to complete their new home with a personalized touch.


Gifts depend on the couple, your closeness, and the length of their marriage:

• Favorite beverage.
• Yard “art” like a bird bath, decorative stones, planters, etc.
• Diffusers and candles.
• Your favorite kitchen accessories or barware.
• A beautiful coffee table book about a city, art, craft cocktails, or a place they have visited or wish to visit.


• Gift card to her favorite mani/pedi spa (include a 20% gratuity).
• Gift card for a massage or facial.
• Your favorite skincare product.
• New pajamas.
• Fun jewelry from Kendra Scott or Bauble Bar.
• Diffuser or candle.
• Flowers.

I hope these ideas inspire you to find fabulous gifts for the people close to your heart. Time passes too quickly not to celebrate all the fun occasions. In fact, every day should be a celebration. Cheers, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

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