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From Heartfelt to Handpicked: Mother's Day Ideas That Truly Matter

From Heartfelt to Handpicked: Mother's Day Ideas That Truly Matter

From Heartfelt to Handpicked: Mother's Day Ideas That Truly Matter

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, coinciding closely with my mom’s birthday on May 14. She often receives one gift for both occasions—sorry, mom! But the question remains: what do we give these remarkable women who have done so much for us? Remember, it’s the thought that counts, making this one occasion you certainly don’t want to forget.

One of my favorite books, “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, wonderfully explains how people perceive love. Knowing your mom better than anyone, you’re the best person to choose a gift for her. Consider what she would appreciate the most. Is it quality time and communication? Take her out to lunch or, if you live far away, make time for a phone call, including your children in the conversation if possible. Or perhaps she values “words of affirmation”? A card with a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude for all she has done could mean more than any material gift.

My love language is “acts of service,” meaning I seldom ask for help, but I deeply appreciate gestures done for me. For instance, I’ve noticed the windows of my home need cleaning. Dirty windows drive me crazy and I can’t seem to find an hour lately to wash them myself. If my daughters were to clean them or arrange for someone to do so, I’d be overjoyed. They’re 12 and 14…neither of these are likely to happen. 😬 Similarly, your mom might appreciate help with her spring mulch, planting flowers, or getting the garden ready. There are a lot of things that many moms would love help with, but we are too proud and stubborn to ask because we think everyone else is too busy to help. Holy moly, that was like my own self therapy session. 😂

When considering whom to buy Mother’s Day gifts for, the list can extend beyond your own mom to include your mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter (if she’s a mom), and so forth. My preference is to celebrate all moms, recognizing their significance in our lives. The choice of gift should be thoughtful and considerate of the recipient’s tastes and needs.

For Mother’s Day gifts, simplicity and thoughtfulness are key. Avoid gifts that create more work for her.

In the Midwest, it’s generally advised to not plant flowers before Mother’s Day due to the risk of late frosts. While flowers are a universally loved gift, some might prefer not having to care for them. Consider a planter with silk flowers as an alternative that requires no maintenance but still beautifies her space if real flowers are not her jam. On the other hand, if she loves flowers, then by all means, make a trip to Costco and find something fabulous! I swear they have some of the best!

Does she enjoy manicures and pedicures? A gift card to her favorite salon can be a great choice. I have rarely met a woman who doesn’t love a good mani/pedi. Similarly, a spa gift card allows her to choose from a massage, facial, or another relaxing service, ensuring the amount covers the service and a 20% gratuity.

Another you more unique idea and it might sound a bit more like Father’s Day, but a gift card to a local car detailing service that is mobile is a wonderful option. Even better, make the arrangements for her. Women enjoy clean cars and it always feels like you’re driving a new vehicle when you’ve had it deep cleaned.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • A new pair of jammies or a robe is nice. We tend to not buy these for ourselves.
  • Nice lotion, soap, shower gel, etc.
  • I love a good diffuser. Capri and Nest are my favorite brands.
  • I don’t how young or old you are, a new lipstick or gloss fixes nearly everything.
  • What is your absolute favorite, can’t live without product in your bathroom right now? Makeup, skin, hair? Whatever it is, gift it and tell her why! :)

Let’s face it; moms are hard to buy for. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Entry Envy. This is something I promise you she doesn’t have and will LOVE! Exterior signs are great for home owners, whereas the Interior Signs and Little Envy are excellent options for moms in assisted living communities. You can simply give her a sign or Little Envy box with the Mother’s Day kit and add on a pre-paid subscription if you wish so she will receive “gifts” year round and know you are always thinking about her. We promise, you won’t go wrong on this!

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate all moms (pet moms included!).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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