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Spring Decorating Tips for Maximum Curb Appeal

Quick Spring Decorating Tips

Spring Decorating Tips for Maximum Curb Appeal

Yay! It’s finally March, and it’s time for spring! Depending on the area of the country you live in, March 1 may be more exciting than others. For us Nebraskans, it’s a sign of hope - brighter days, warmer weather, and much-needed vitamin D.

Everyone is in a better mood if for no other reason than the weather. With spring also comes cheery colors. It’s time to transition from winter to spring. Here are a few of my favorite tips to welcome spring inside and outside your home. Let’s do this!

Indoor Decorating Tips

Open the curtains

Let the light in and wash the windows. Not exactly decorating, but everything will look so much fresher! Overachievers - spring clean the whole house. 

Remove Heavy, Warm Items 

Speaking of fresh, look at “heavy” things such as faux fur throws, sweater-like blankets, and dark-colored pillows. These are all easy accents that are quick to update and can literally bring life back to a tired sofa or chair. I find steals at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx that I don’t feel guilty about donating after a couple of years when I am tired of them.


Focal areas are essential. I converted to more of a minimalist style a couple of years ago and have two areas on my main floor that I add seasonal décor to, and that’s it. One is in my kitchen, and the other is by my entry. I hate “clutter,” and some may say my house feels empty; someone else walks in, and it feels clean. One of my favorite things in life is walking into a nice hotel room that just feels so clean, fresh, and clutter-free! Only two focal areas make it so much easier to decorate by adding a few seasonal elements without going overboard. Remember the old adage; less is more? #truth

Freshen Up Bathroom With Scents

Don’t forget the bathrooms! So easy to truly bring a smile to your face - switch out the hand soaps in your favorite scents and bottles (Bath & Body Works is my go-to). Add a small faux spring plant or faux floral arrangement by the sink. Add a diffuser in a lighter scent - it’s time to get rid of the cinnamon and spice if it’s still left from Christmas. My favorite diffuser brands are Nest, Capri Blue, and Voluspa.

    Outdoor Decorating Tips 

    Now to the outside of your house. Pick a nice day when you are in the mood to do a little elbow work. Find an Alexa dot, your Bluetooth speaker, or earbuds. I’m a massive fan of “whistle while you work.” A better mood equals better results!


    Just like the inside of your house, grab the blower and a broom (or power washer if you’re feeling really ambitious) and clean your entry area and patio.

    Patio furniture & throw pillows

    Pull out the patio furniture and add a couple of new spring outdoor throw pillows. A couple of small faux plants add so much to any table in the space.

    Alexa dot speakers inside and out 

    Add an Alexa dot to create a “speaker group” so you can have your indoor Alexa and outdoor playing the same music for continuity. Super easy, and music makes everything better.

    Rake and re-mulch

    This part is always so much work but makes the most significant impact. Even if you did an excellent fall cleanup, the leaves still found their way to your yard, plants are looking brown, and it’s time to add new mulch.

    Update your planters 

    The planters by your garage or front door filled with evergreens are begging for a spring update! My favorite combo is artificial forsythia and pussy willow with real pansies. Watch for 50% off sales at the craft store for your faux floral and pick up your pansies of choice.

    Update/add a garden flag

    These little flags are so simple, a little cheesy, and remind me of my grandma, but they are just fun to update. Not all are cheesy! I have a solar light that shines on mine at night to create an inviting walkway no matter what the time of day. By the way, I have solar lights in my planters too. I love ambient light wherever there is an opportunity!

    Update your Entry Envy sign! 

    Our kits ship on the 22nd of each month, and our March kits are darling! Bright, cheery, light, and perfect for spring. If you don’t have an Entry Envy sign, click here to order! Our monthly refill décor kit subscription makes it super simple and convenient to make sure that your sign is always “ in season.”

    Update your entry mats.

    Rugs that have been outside all winter are probably looking quite tired by now. Swap them out for a new rug or layered look. The total size ideally is 3x5.

      Enjoy Spring!

      Hopefully, you’ve gleaned a few ideas and are in the mood to welcome spring in! By the way, all of these tips apply for improving curb appeal and adding value to your house if you are planning to sell it. And while still a bit down the road, Entry Envy signs are an excellent idea for Mother’s Day gifts and wedding gifts.

      ennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

      P.S. Entry Envy custom home signs welcome guests and help delivery drivers validate they are at the correct house. There are so many styles available! If you haven't ordered yours yet, please SHOP HERE to design your unique sign. Monthly home decor subscription boxes make it easy and convenient to keep your sign in style. You'll never have to think about how to update your front porch for the next season or holiday again!

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