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Wrong Turns or Beautiful Opportunities?

Wrong Turns or Beautiful Opportunities?

Wrong Turns or Beautiful Opportunities?

How long do you go down a road before you realize you may have made a wrong turn? A half of a mile? Two miles? 10 miles? The analogy applies to relationships, jobs, home improvement projects, boating, and definitely driving. I realized yesterday I made a wrong turn. I was almost to my destination. 

Changing Direction

This is not the first time I have turned around in my life. These are the moments I have learned the most about myself. The strongest leaders are those who have the highest self-awareness. I learn something new about myself almost every day, but the moments that bring me to my knees and tears are when I learn the most. And yes, they are as painful as they sound. They are the things in life you can't delegate, dammit. Lol. 

Hammers & FlipFlops...or Not

As you may know, I launched Entry Envy in October 2021 with an underlying passion for solving the country's labor shortage in the trades by advocating for women to become a part of the industry. I have had hundreds of women over the past three years since remodeling my home ask me how I learned to use tools, how they wished they could do something like that, and if I would ever help them learn. A couple of months ago, I decided to start a private membership group with a digital course academy to teach women the skills and give them the confidence they needed to tackle their mini to medium size home improvement projects. I named the concept Hammers & FlipFlops. I bought a domain. I created a website. I recorded 12 reels. I did a FaceBook Live announcing it. I built a waitlist in less than three weeks with over 200 women. And then yesterday, nine days before launch, I stopped. 

Honest Women & Hardcore Truths

Listen, anyone who knows anything about me would never have taken a bet that I wouldn't have gone through with this. Ugh. It feels awful. It feels like someone just knocked me down and I haven't quite gotten back up yet. But, I'll tell you, the woman who knocked me down, also saved me. Just like my best friend did over three years ago when I needed to leave my marriage. These are the unbelievably strong women in your life that you don't even know you need when you need them most. They don't sugarcoat anything. They are brutally honest and level with you because they know you can handle it. They are the women who don't let you drive off the cliff. They don't hold you back; quite the opposite. They just tell you to go full steam ahead…in the other direction! 

Why Not

What's wrong with my new concept is timing. I have a 16 month old company that is soaring, yet still, just a baby that requires a lot of love and attention. Like, a lot. Starting another company now is like having two kids under the age of two as a single parent. I'll likely end up in crazy town, broke, or both. Let's not. Thank you, Kelly. 

The Turnaround

So, I made a wrong turn. I was several miles down the road. Like 500 or more. I had time, money, and emotional investments and slammed on the brakes yesterday. Hammers & FlipFlips came to a screeching halt. I took down all of my posts, reels, and TikToks related to the new company that was no longer happening. I emailed all of my waitlist members with gratitude and regret for not being able to help them in the way I had envisioned. Painful. Tears. The worst feeling of disappointment to myself in the world. 

Meditation Magic

And then I sat and meditated. I don't do it nearly enough. Not even close. It is incredible to me what happens when I do. It's magic every time. I give my head permission to rest and come together with the genius it does when I let it drive, instead of me. It quickly turned the car in the right direction and the answer was so obvious it made me cry harder, laugh, and then curse. Why did I think my dream to help women improve their homes had to be separate from Entry Envy? Why couldn't my Sunday Morning Coffee weekly Lives become Sunday Morning Projects, and we tackle a different home improvement issue? Of course, I could let people submit questions and gladly answer them. The opportunity to build Entry Envy and achieve my goals to help women with their homes is one and the same. Not separate at all. 

Beautiful Teaching Moments & Opportunities 

So perhaps, they aren't wrong turns at all, but instead just teaching moments that are intended to show us something better. Everything happens for us, not to us. The reasons are often not immediate, and I remind myself I must TRUST. Trust the process, the universe, God, and most of all, myself. Sometimes it takes a few tears, a couple of days, and possibly a glass or two of wine, but in the end, I've got this, and so do you, my friend, so do you. Trust. Surrender. Believe. 

Sunday Morning Projects | Sundays 10 AM CST

Cheers to all the chapters of my life that are waiting to be written. I can't wait. Jumping in with both feet, loving life, and all the curve balls it throws. See you on Sunday at 10 AM CST for Sunday Morning Projects! Text WELCOME to 855-697-0203 to get a 15 minute reminder before I start! 

Jennifer Lea CEO and Founder of Entry Envy

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