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Spring Awakening: 5 Minute Makeover For Your Front Porch

Spring Awakening: 5 Minute Makeover For Your Front Porch

Spring Awakening: 5 Minute Makeover For Your Front Porch

Okay, folks, a 5-minute makeover for your front porch is indeed possible with a bit of planning—here is your Amazon list to order.

Everything is coordinated and will last through mid-May. I’m not giving you a bunch of choices here; I’m trying to save you time and cut to the chase! This is for the busy women who are no-nonsense, get-it-done types.

I promise you, it will only take you five minutes, and it will look fabulous!

Amazon Shopping List:

Here’s the plan: Order the above ($80 without optional boxwood balls) and wait two days for it to arrive. 😊 The five minutes go like this:

1. Clean the glass. Wet your lighter green E-Cloth (squeeze it out well). Wipe down your storm door, windows on your porch, and your light if it’s reachable (people don’t look up that high if not!). The darker green cloth is totally optional, and I usually use it on my electronics, not my windows.
2. Put out your new rug.
3. Hang up your new wreath (and give it just a touch of fluff!).
4. Put up your garden flag.
5. Add boxwood balls to planters.

Curb appeal: done!


Your porch is officially ready for spring. And, of course, your Entry Envy sign was already updated, right?

But my gosh, if you don’t have one yet, this is a serious life hack. A new refill decor kit arrives by the 1st of each month to help you celebrate the upcoming holiday or season with stylish convenience.

Our subscription decor kits are curated each month and handcrafted by women in Omaha, Nebraska, who love hot glue guns, floral tape, and all the “things!”

Each box is full of thoughtfulness and details, with a super simple instruction card so you don’t have to think about anything. When you open your kit, it will feel like a gift, and you’ll be joyful with surprise and delight. Oh, and did we mention it will take less than a minute to switch out your kit, and it will look like a pro did it?! AND, it’s all artificial—no water required!

We are so glad it’s spring and happy to help you quickly and easily update your front porch.

Easy. Thoughtful. Done. That’s what Entry Envy is all about.

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