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10 Small Front Porch Ideas You'll Love

10 Small Front Porch Ideas You'll Love

10 Small Front Porch Ideas You'll Love

Add Valuable Charm to Your Front Porch Design

Small front porches are quite common and that doesn't mean they can't be welcoming! Let's talk about how to add charm and make your entry look fabulous no matter the size.

In many cases, having a small front porch can actually be advantageous starting with the fact there is less to clean and less space to decorate. However keeping it tidy and tasteful become more important than ever. The details also matter. Before we get to the porch itself, let's talk about the walk to it. A cute garden flag with a solar light on the way to the porch can add an early welcoming touch. Here are the most frequently asked questions we see and helpful ideas to consider for your own entry.

How can I make my front porch look better?

  • I cannot emphasize cleanliness enough. So many people only clean the inside of their home. The outside matters, especially after winter. The best cleaning ladies know that if the front door glass is sparkling clean, the rest of the house is perceived to be as well. The reverse is also true: dirty front door, dirty house. No one wants that! Start with a broom and knock down the spider webs and sweep. Use a soft rag (that you don't care gets filthy because it will) to clean light fixtures, light bulbs, window sills, hand railings, etc. Grab the Windex and clean the storm door, nearby windows and any other glass.

How do you modernize a small front porch?

  • If your exterior light fixtures are outdated, consider replacing them. Outdoor decor and fixtures endure the elements and simply don't last forever. Styles change as well. Your porch is the first impression to your home, make it great! Here is one of my favorites right now that is super reasonably priced.

Outdoor Wall Sconce, Porch Light Fixtures, Wall Mount Anti-Rust Exterior Sconce in Wood & Black Finish with Clear Glass for Garage Doorway Entryway
  • Doorbells make a difference. If you have updated to an electronic version, great. If not, it's time. It doesn't have to have a camera, but at a minimum it should be battery operated and wireless with an interior receiver such as this one.

Wireless Doorbell, AVANTEK D-3B Waterproof Door Chime Kit Operating at over 1300 Feet with 2 Plug-In Receivers, 52 Melodies, CD Quality Sound and LED Flash

    How do you upgrade a small front porch?

    • Paint your front door. A fresh coat of the same color that has become faded over time or a new color can change the entire appearance of your home's curb appeal. Also, consider your front door hardware. Anything that's gold and shiny needs to go!

    What should I put on my small front porch?

    • You can add unexpected details such a custom Entry Envy house sign with your last name or monogram, conveniently featuring the current month's holiday decor. The faux floral decor kits keep your entry in season and in style with minimal effort and no trips to the store. Wreaths can get pricy, get dirty, and are space-consuming to store if they make it through the season. Entry Envy kits are small, quick and easy to update and welcome your guests.

    Entry Envy is your stylish solution to add instant curb appeal, welcome your guests and help delivery drivers. You'll love coming home to a beautiful, custom home identification sign with modern house numbers, your last name, or monogram. Each sign features a small planter box for our monthly faux floral refill decor kits to make it quick and convenient to celebrate each holiday and season. Black vertical modern floating house numbers in champagne gold with May faux floral refill decor kit.
    • Add a great door mat. Not the $15 tiny ones. They make your already small space look even smaller. Go for a minimum of 2x3 or even a 3x4 if you can fit it. A larger rug makes your entry feel like an extension of your home. And I promise, if it gets wet, it will dry.

    • A planter or small table with a plant on it can be a nice addition. When the space is small, don't go overboard and add too much or it will feel cluttered. Less is more! :) If you do a planter, it doesn't have to have real flowers, but if you go for artificial flowers, make sure they are high quality and not dirty and faded or it's a dead giveaway! My planters look great and someone might think "those probably aren't real," but they're going to have to look close to figure it out.

    How do you style a small front porch?

    • Coordinate the colors. There is a rule of three in graphic design - you only get three fonts and three focal colors on a document or it get's too busy. Our eyes like "white space" which doesn't mean white, but rather breathing room. The colors you choose to decorate with on your front porch should coordinate with the color of your home, trim, and front door. In a small space, that's a lot right there. For example, if you have a White House, black trim, and a red front door, I would recommend a black Entry Envy sign with white script or silver modern floating house numbers. I would do a black planter (or dark gray) with lots of green and touches of white flowers. Your Entry Envy refill decor kits are going to be your "pop of color" each month and will be delightful to welcome your children home from school, guests and delivery drivers. 

    In conclusion, a small front porch can still have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. Keeping it clean, updating the lighting fixtures and doorbell, painting the front door, and adding personalized decor can make all the difference. Remember to coordinate the colors and keep it simple, as less is more in a small space. By following these tips, your front porch can become a welcoming entry that sets the tone for your entire home.

    Jennifer Lea Entry Envy Founder and CEO

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