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curb appeal ideas during the dead of winter

Curb Appeal That Will Impress, Even in the Dead of Winter

curb appeal ideas during the dead of winter

Our last blog talked about how the inside of your house makes a HUGE impact on your daily mood, so now let's talk about the outside. Guess what? It does, too! 

Why Curb Appeal Matters In Wintertime

What do you notice when you look at the exterior of your home as you come and go? Now, think about if you were selling your house…would you see anything different? First impressions matter the most and even just a few hours of work and a small budget can add thousands to your house value, but perhaps most importantly, it will give you that "feel-good feeling" when you come home.

Is the exterior well maintained

...or does it need to be freshened up? Just like the inside of your house, it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house will do! As long as you get a couple of days above 50 degrees, you can paint. 

Are the windows clean?

If you can't remember the last time the outside of your windows were cleaned, I promised you, it's time. It makes your home present more beautiful from the inside and out! A bucket of hot water with a cleaning tablet and a squeegee is all you need.

Is the mailbox in good condition

Is it standing up straight? There are so many neglected mailboxes, and it's the first thing you see when you pull up to your house. It's also the first thing a guest looks for to find your address. It's a reasonably small investment to upgrade, replace, or repaint. Mailboxes matter!

What is the condition of the sidewalk and driveway?

If it is cracked, the only option is to replace it. If it's settled and uneven, mudjacking can make it significantly better for a fraction of the price. The companies that do this drill approximately 1" diameter holes in the concrete strategically where they need to backfill "mud" to raise the pads to even heights. Mudjacking also works for uneven or settled concrete stairs. 

What is the appearance of your garage door?

Simply painting it may change the entire look and add value to your home. I did a faux wood finish on both my front and garage doors, which took just a few hours and looks fabulous. Click here for my tutorial and tips if you are interested.

How does your landscaping look?

As you walk to your front door, is the grass and landscaping neatly finished as you make your way? During winter, it's tough, but a good "fall clean up" helps make sure the dead plants are at least cleaned up. As spring starts in March, make sure you get fresh mulch, and signs of life will begin to pop up soon! Here is a helpful blog poston fall cleanup.

Take an inventory on your front porch 

Are there spider webs, dirt, an aged light fixture, a faded rug? What is the condition of the storm door? These are going by the wayside in building trends, but make sure it is or looks new if you have one. Is there any seasonal decor? Think about if you've never been to your house before, is the front porch warm and inviting that says to someone, "wow, the outside looks so nice, I can't wait to see the inside!" or is it more like "hmmmm - maybe I don't want to go in?" If you haven't downloaded "5 Tips for a welcoming front porch" click this link to do so! 

Little details go a long, long way

A little detail that few homeowners pay attention to and make the difference between how old or new a house feels is the threshold of your front door. The threshold is the base of the door jam that you step over as you walk in. It is often dirty, faded wood. A quick little clean-up and some fresh stain can make it look new again. Click here for a brief tutorial.

What identifies your home & welcome guests

Is there something on your front porch that identifies your home, welcomes your guests, and provides simple seasonal decor to make your home inviting? These are all important. Essentially, when someone comes to your home, you want to instantly communicate that someone lives there, is loved, and cares about their home. The decorations don't have to be elaborate, but they need to be in season. Depending on where you live, that can be more work to maintain than others due to harsh climates. Entry Envy solves all three of these issues! Our custom signs can include modern house numbers, your last name, monogram, or simply a welcome greeting. Combine your sign with our monthly subscription refill decor kits, and your sign will always be perfectly styled for all the holidays and seasons. Entry Envy signs and gift cards also make fabulous gifts for hard to buy for people, housewarming gifts, unique wedding gifts, and Mother's Day gifts. 

    Other little things you can do to make your porch and home more inviting are to have a bench or chair with a cute seasonal pillow, a seasonal planter, and some music with a Bluetooth speaker if you're expecting company or planning an open house. The details really do make a difference, and you will feel a greater sense of pride when you come home and when host guests. And if you are planning to sell your house, consider implementing the above tips to sell your house for the highest value. 

    Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

    P.S. Entry Envy custom home signs welcome guests and help delivery drivers validate they are at the correct house. There are so many styles available! If you haven't ordered yours yet, please SHOP HERE to design your unique sign. Monthly home decor subscription boxes make it easy and convenient to keep your sign in style. You'll never have to think about how to update your front porch for the next season or holiday again!

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