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Front Porch Makeover - 6 Part Series

Front Porch Makeover - 6 Part Series

Front Porch Makeover - 6 Part Series

As many of you know, I moved into a fixer-upper after my divorce in August 2020 and remodeled the entire inside of my house (myself). Then, I launched a little company called Entry Envy before I got to the outside and haven’t had time to get back to working on my curb appeal. I’ve been very self-conscious of this over the past year. I own a company that promotes curb appeal, and I’m embarrassed about my own and even more embarrassed to tell you about it, so we’re going to fix this challenge together. I’m going to walk you through my design process and all the steps. I will vlog it on my original remodel website,, so you’ll have all how-to videos if there is anything you want to tackle, too! Warning - this will be me, raw, real - not fancy clothes, no makeup; we’ve got work to do! 

So, here’s how the next six-ish weeks are going to go:

Part 1: Design Process.

Where do you start? Where you find inspiration? How do you create a plan and put together a budget? What part of the work are you willing/capable of doing and what are you going to outsource? We’re going to go over all of this!

Part 2: Ordering Supplies.

Once we have a plan and a budget, we need to get our materials. We’re going to scope out all the discount sites and have what we need before we start. This was less important before COVID, but supplies can be difficult to get and it will be easier to stay on time and on budget if we do this now.

Part 3: Prep/Tear it Up.

The most work and most important of any project is the prep. Most of the time, you can do this yourself. It’s not fun and just time consuming. This is the part that makes everything look worse, before it looks better, so you don’t want to start until you’re ready to roll, which means having your supplies on hand.

Then…we’re going to get to work! Once we have a plan I’ll break down the rest of the weeks! Let’s do this!

Jennifer Lea Founder & CEO Entry Envy

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